20 Beautiful Flowers to Plant This Spring

posted on April 17, 2014 at 1:29 pm

One of the best things about Spring, besides the fact that the frigid winter temperatures are starting to ease up, is being able to plant some beautiful flowers.  Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, or you’d rather pay someone to do all the work for you, everyone can enjoy a gorgeous flower garden.  Here are some of the best flowers to plant in the Spring:

1.  Aster x frikartii

aster x frikartii


These pretty flowers can grow in just about any type of soil, and typically grow as a perennial.

2. Fawn Lily

fawn lily


These gorgeous flowers will grow in full sun or light shade, and there are also several yellow-flowered varieties available as well.

3. Mandevilla Vogue

mandevilla vogue


This flower comes in either pink or luminous red, and grow best in large containers or hanging baskets placed in sunny areas.

4.  Stars and Stripes Pentas

stars and stripes pentas


Besides the facts that these flowers are beautiful to look at, they will also bring butterflies and hummingbirds into your garden.

5.  Peruvian Lily

Orange Peruvian Lily


These bright, 2-3 foot plants will bloom beautifully as long as the soil doesn’t get too hot.

6. Plum Mist Cuphea



This is a delicate, two-toned lavender flower that will spill over the edges of pots and planters.

7.  Azure Skies Heliotrope
azure skies heliotrope


This pretty purple flower can tolerate high temperatures.

8.  Blue Sue Setcreasea

blue sue setcreasea


If you’re looking for a subtly beautiful flower with a lot of ground cover, this is the plant for you!

9. Chinese Hellebore

Chinese hellebore


Soil needs to be kept dry during the summer for these beautiful blooms.

10.  Leopard’s Bane

Leopard's bane


These glowing, golden flowers don’t do so well in the hot temperatures down South.

11.  Coneflower



These pinkish-purple blooms will grow up to 2 feet tall, and also come in different colored hybrids.

12.  Forget-me-not



Best grown in shady areas, forget-me-nots produce small but beautiful blue flowers.

13.  Gloriosa daisy

Gloriosa daisy


Gorgeous golden petals extend from the dark-brown center of these stunning flowers.

14.  Moonshine Yarrow

moonshine yarrow


These are unique due to the generous, tight clusters of blooms they produce.

15. Pineapple Sage

pineapple scented flower


This plant smells like ripe pineapples!

16.  Coreopsis Mango Punch

coreopsis mango punch


This plant grows low to the ground and produces a mango-red flower.

17.  Catmint



These plants develop beautiful lavender-blue flowers.  When blossoms fade, you can shear plants back by half, or cut flowers stems to the ground to encourage re-growth.

18.  Sea Holly



This is a thistle-like bloom, but very unique and great in bouquets.

19.  Sedum Telephium

flower clusters


These dense flower clusters grow on sturdy stems and are surrounded by bright, green leaves.

20.  Salvia Leucantha

salvia leucantha


Tons of velvety violet flowers cover greenish-gray shrubs from late summer and into spring in climates with mild winters.

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