This Video About “A Boy and His Dog” Will Make You Cry in All the Right Ways

posted on April 1, 2014 at 10:54 pm

We all know of the expression “man’s best friend,” used to refer to the special relationship between humans and dogs. It’s a unique bond of unconditional loyalty and companionship that can’t quite be described in words.

Our lovable sidekicks smother us with slobbery kisses

dog kisses

Clean our hair when we don’t have time to take a bath

Man’s Best Friend

Are the best fans to take to a baseball game
dog at baseball game

Fetch us a cold one when the fridge is out of reach

dog fetches beer

Encourage us when we’re feeling down about ourselves

you're awesome dog

And give the best greetings when we’ve been gone for a while

dog greetings

Nothing, however, compares to the remarkable story of 8-year-old Owen Howkins and his three-legged, Anatolian Shepherd named Haatchi.

owen and haatchi

Owen has Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome, a very rare and painful disorder that causes his muscles to constantly remain tense and his balance to be non-existent. Prior to Haatchi coming into the picture, Owen lived quite an unhappy life. He knew he was different, and he avoided leaving the house because he was scared of strangers and the stares he would receive.

Enter Haatchi.

Haatchi was abused by his previous owner. He was found tied to a railroad track and lost his leg after being hit by an oncoming train, Owen explains in the video.

haatchi story

Haatchi, as you can see, had suffered through his own difficulties and knew a thing or two about pain before he met Owen. The furry pal changed Owen’s life forever.

It all started in February 2012, when Owen’s stepmother, Colleen Drummond, saw a photo of Haatchi that one of her friends had posted on Facebook. He was staring right at the camera and needed someone to adopt him. He grabbed her attention even then, Colleen recalls in the video.

When she went to see him in person, there was no question about it – Haatchi would join their family. As Colleen puts it, Haatchi chose them.

Owen and Haatchi were a perfect match from the start. They immediately accepted each other’s differences, and there was a communication between them that only they understood. From that point on, they would work together as a team and face the world side-by-side.

Owen gained confidence because of Haatchi’s presence. For once, the focus wasn’t on his own problem. He enjoyed the attention he received and loved telling people about his best friend.

“What I’ve taken from the relationship between Haatchi and Owen is that no matter how bad things get, there is always something good in the world,” Colleen says. “Owen and Haatchi simplify everything by pure love.”

“He does look after me, and he is special,” Owen says in the touching video.

It was over a year ago when this remarkable duo was introduced to the world. Now, this 9.5-minute film was created to raise awareness of Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome, but it does so much more than that. It inspires.

Don’t take our word for it, though – watch the video for yourself. We’re warning you now, it will make you cry in all the right ways. If you’re wearing makeup, we hope it’s waterproof!


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