Victoria’s Secret Black Lace: Turn Up Your Sex Appeal

posted on March 15, 2014 at 4:28 pm

Your sex life was probably a glorious world of happiness and bliss when it first started. And then… you got pregnant. You and your partner probably thought that marked the end of sexy time for the next 18 years. From now on, it would be sippy cups and diapers and soccer games.

Victoria's Secret Black Lace Bra

And while that stuff is all part of raising a child, that doesn’t mean it has to mark the end of your carnal adventures. You can certainly still be a mom and have some fun beneath the sheets – it just takes a little more work than it used to. Being spontaneous and carefree whenever you feel like it just isn’t going to cut it, unfortunately.

Luckily, there’s a Secret to success – and it’s held by a mysterious woman named Victoria. Alright, maybe it’s not such a clandestine enigma, considering Victoria’s Secret has 1,017 company-owned stores across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. But the truth of the matter is, this store has a lot of scandalous outfits and lingerie that will definitely get your man in the mood regardless of what’s going on.

In particular, Victoria’s Secret black lace bras are the way to go. They’re fun, classic, and look good on just about anyone. Learn how to have a sexy date night, rekindle your sex life, and show you still got it by picking the right lingerie for your evening.


Sexy Date Night

With the kids constantly around, it can be hard to actually get out and have some fun with your man. So when you do have time for adult play, you had better make the most of it. Help your body look its best by choosing the right bra for under your clothes. Then, if all goes well, you’ll also look killer underneath those clothes after the date.


Add-2 Cups Push-Up Bra

Victoria's Secret Black Lace Bra
Add-2 Cups Push-Up Bra – $49.50-$65

Your boobs will look absolutely fantastic in this Victoria’s Secret black lace bra! It automatically adds two cup sizes to your bosom, giving you more cleavage and fullness. You can wear it classic-style or crossback-style for an extra cleavage boost. It gives you a perfect hourglass silhouette. Pair it with a sexy little black dress, and you’ll be the finest-looking mom out on the town that night. Better yet, when you and your man get back home and that dress happens to fall off, you’ll look just as sexy underneath.


Demi Bra

Victoria's Secret Black Lace Bra
Demi Bra – $48-$55

Get the comfortable fit of a demi bra with the added support of underwire cups. This Victoria’s Secret black lace bra offers a low-cut fit with a natural lift for the most revealing of necklines. That’s right, you can choose to wear that awesome dress with the plunging neckline because this bra is low enough to stay hidden. Your man might even wonder if you’re wearing a bra at all, which could lead to other, more inappropriate thoughts of what will happen after date night is over…


Multi-Way Bra

Victoria's Secret Black Lace Bra
Multi-Way Bra – $32.50-$38.50

Not every dress has two simple straps that go right over your shoulders… so sometimes you can’t rely on those simple types of bras. This awesome multi-way black lace bra gives you the ability to wear any kind of dress you choose. The removable straps allow you to wear the bra any way you want, making it perfect for strapless or criss-cross back dresses. Better yet, it’s equipped with Infinity Edge technology, which hides seams and makes it look invisible under your clothes. Your lover will adore looking at the bare skin on your shoulders.


Dream Angels Lace Racerback Bra

victoria's secret date night
Lace Racerback Bra – $52 – $58

This racerback style is great for wearing under tanks because it gives you shoulder-baring coverage. Fully lined underwire cups provide a subtle lift. The Memory Fit molds to the shape of your breasts for added comfort and structure. The sexy black lace covers every inch of the bra for the optimum look you crave.


Push-Up Bra

victoria's secret date night
Push-up Bra – $48-$65

If you don’t quite need the two extra cup sizes (some of us are more well-endowed than others), than this less potent push-up bra might be the one you searching for. It gives you that necessary lift without adding bulk! It’s Victoria’s Secret best selling bra, and for good reason. The plush padding gives you a natural lift that looks soft and full.


Rekindling Your Sex Life

After cleaning up spit-up and waiting two hours for the baby to fall asleep, chances are you and your man are probably no longer in the mood for some naughtiness. Learn to spice up your nights with the right tools from Victoria’s Secret. Whether it involves a little bit of role play or a little bit of wish fulfillment… these divine outfits will set you on the path to erotic excitement.


Sexy Little French Maid

Victoria's Secret Black Lace Bra
Sexy Little French Maid – $78

What’s more sexy than a French maid costume? Not much. Your hubby won’t be able to say no if you have this revealing getup on. It features halter ties at the neck, which pull your breasts tighter and closer together for ultimate cleavage. The sheer black paneling gives a hint of your body without revealing it all in one go. Better yet – this lingerie set comes with an adjustable bow tie and feather duster, so you’ll really look and feel the part! Now, who’s ready for some cleaning?


 Lace Slip With Garters

Victoria's Secret black lace bra
Lace Slip with Garters – $58

Hey there, sexy lady! Ribbons and ruffles command this coquettish look. The pink bustier and belly panel give a pop to the dark black lace, which is sheer and revealing along the side. Garters give you the option to attach some thigh high stockings for even more appeal. With lightly lined underwire cups and adjustable straps, you can also feel comfortable and cozy… if you’re even wearing the outfit for long enough. You’ll look like a slutty Little Miss Muffet that needs to be rescued by a knight in shining armor…


Lace & Mesh Teddy

Victoria's Secret black lace bra
Lace & Mesh Teddy – $58

This tantalizing little number will get your man’s heart racing in no time. A sheer black lacy panel in the front and two matching sheer side panels cover your body while leaving little to the imagination. Black lacy underwire cups lift your breasts, and a shiny gemstone in the middle makes you look like a sex princess. The bikini bottom protects your fragile assets until you’re ready to use them. The removable garters give you the option to spice things up with some thigh highs or go bare-legged.


Lace Teddy

Victoria's Secret Date Night
Lace Teddy – $58

A plunging V-neckline held together with three small straps is the defining key to this Victoria’s Secret black lace teddy. A lace-up back gives you a sexy behind and also makes the lingerie easy to remove at a moment’s notice. The thong bottom shows off the splendors of your booty and leaves little to your hubby’s imagination!


Lace and Silk Teddy

Victoria's Secret Date Night
Lace and Silk Teddy – $248

This lovely halter teddy is sure to peak your lover’s interest! A daring eyelash lace front plunges downward in a revealing V-neckline that just barely covers your breasts. A solid silky bottom has added ruffles for a feminine touch (as if your husband didn’t have enough clues to your femininity at this point). A halter tied neck makes it easy to take off.


Showing You Still Got It

After being a mom, you may have some insecurities about your body. Things may sag where they used to be tight and firm. In fact, you might not remember the last time you fit in your pre-baby clothes. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t look like a sex kitten! These less revealing looks are still just as provocative.


Lace Bustle Back Slip

Victoria's Secret Black Lace Bras
Lace Bustle Back Slip – $48

Can you say wowza? Imagine what your lover will think after seeing you in this! The black lace ruffles in the back hide any and all butt imperfections. Do you have sagging cheeks? No worries, for they’ll look plump and lifted. Do you have cellulite? No problem, for while the lace is sheer, it doesn’t reveal any details. You’ll feel and look just like you did pre-baby… which should definitely get things going in the bedroom once more! Lightly lined underwire cups give your boobs support, and adjustable straps give you wiggle room.


The Lacie Boatneck Babydoll

Victoria's Secret black lace bra
The Lacie Boatneck Babydoll – $39.50

If you’re not confident in your body, then this piece will give you the coverage you crave while still driving your lover crazy. The sheer black lace covers your arms, chest, and bottom, with an open back connected with criss-cross straps. A nice little side slit shows just enough of your hip to be a tease. Don’t worry – it comes with a matching thong so you’re not too bare (at least not yet). This is great if your arms are a little flabbier than you would like, your belly is a big stretched out, or if your boobs don’t quite look as perky as they used to.


Flyaway Apron Babydoll

Victoria's Secret black lace bra
Flyaway Apron Babydoll – $48

Black lace and light satin compete for dominance on this matching bra and panties set. A sheer and lacy panel hangs down from the bra to flow down past your butt, which is great if you don’t feel confident. Use the lace to cover up any C-section scars, love handles, or back fat. The bra lined with underwire for additional support, and includes adjustable straps so you can give it a custom fit. The matching thong covers you in the front to add a little mystery to the evening, at least at first.


Lace and Chiffon Halter Babydoll

VIctoria's Secret Date Night
Lace and Chiffon Halter Babydoll – $48

Soft chiffon and sexy lace pair up for a winning combination in this black babydoll. A flowing bodice gives just enough of a peek of your body to entice your man. Adjustable criss-cross straps help keep you comfortable, and a low back adds to the drama.


Silk Chiffon Ruffle Babydoll

Victoria's Secret Black lace
Silk Chiffon Ruffle Babydoll – $198

This luxurious silk babydoll is the key to luxury in lingerie. A frilly lace neckline plunges bare all the way to the waist, revealing the center of your chest all the way to above your belly button. A ruffled chiffon skirt reveals a little v-string panty underneath.


In Conclusion

If you’re still not sure if you can pull off these looks, don’t be. Victoria’s Secret is a leading expert in the field of lingerie for a reason. They know how a woman’s body works, and they know how to fit all sizes and shapes. Looking good is basically a guarantee when you use their merchandise.

But do keep in mind that being sexy is more than just appearances. It’s also a mindset. You’ll never look truly sexy unless you feel sexy. Don’t let your kids (adorable and as wonderful as they are) bring you down. Don’t forget – you never would have had kids if you weren’t sexy in the first place! Use this Victoria’s Secret lingerie as a tool to rebuild your self confidence.

Once your husband or lover sees how comfortable you feel in your own skin, they won’t be able to keep their hands off you. It doesn’t take much to impress a guy. As long as you use the assets you were gifted with, there’s really no end to your sexual appeal.

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