Turn Pipe Cleaners Into Silly Crafts for Kids

posted on May 8, 2014 at 12:18 am

What is the real purpose of a pipe cleaner? To clean pipes!

But seriously… who uses pipe cleaners for that purpose nowadays? To our generation, they have always been known as an inspirational tool for all things artsy. Think of all the Saturdays you spent during your childhood creating some ridiculous pipe cleaner sculpture. Times were good.

Pipe cleaners are perfect for making silly crafts for kids. Show your child how it’s done with the following DIY craft ideas!


1. Pipe Cleaner Glasses

silly crafts for kids

Your kids will walk around pretending to be studious adults. And when a kid pretends to be a nerdy bookworm, there is nothing wrong with that!


2. Forest Creatures Finger Puppets

silly crafts for kids

These little finger toys are great for celebrating spring or Easter, but can be made any time of the year for a little woodland fun! The googly eyes are the best part.


3. Pipe Cleaner Octopus

silly crafts for kids

What a cool idea! Your kids will have a blast making and then playing with these deep-sea monsters. Try making some other sea creatures for a whole day of themed play.


4. Rainbow Mobile

silly crafts for kids

This colorful mobile makes a great decoration for your child’s room when it is finished. Plus, it also is a good tool for teaching weather, as it can be used as an interactive diagram.


5. Flower Pot

pipe cleaner silly crafts

Don’t have time to deal with taking care of real flowers? No worries! Your kids can make you these super bright and happy bouquets with a couple quick twirls.


6. Pipe Cleaner Worms

silly crafts for kids

This is much better than letting your child play with real worms and certainly less messy. Because the pipe cleaners are wrapped around a stick, your child’s new worm friend is also more sturdy than other crafts.


7. Woven Pipe Cleaner Cans

silly crafts for kids

This craft is fun and actually functional! Your kid can take this pencil holder to school or keep it in his or her room. All the other kids in school will be super jealous, that’s for sure.


8. Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

silly crafts for kids

The instructions simply call for wrapping some yarn around pipe cleaners and then braiding them together to achieve this cool effect! A great idea for birthday parties as a commitment to friendship.


9. Counting and Color Sorter

silly crafts for kids

Instead of just giving a boring lesson on colors and counting, try using this fun hands-on activity! Kids will love putting the beads on the pipe cleaners, and you will love how fast they learn their numbers.


10. Animal Whiskers

silly crafts for kids

These simple instructions for creating whiskers can really be used to emulate any furry animal. This little boy is pretending to be a bunny, but your child can be a cat, lion, or other cuddly friend.


11. 3D Cat

silly crafts for kids

What does the cat say? Meow, of course! This play cat works well for families that don’t have a real cat for whatever reason. Or it works well for a cat that needs a friend.


12. Dancing Ladies

silly crafts for kids

Let your girl indulge in a little dancing playtime! These petite princesses look so majestic for just being crafted out of napkins and pipe cleaners. They are one of the best silly crafts for kids.

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