Top Gifts at Babies R Us for Mom and Baby

posted on May 1, 2014 at 2:41 am

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the welcoming of a new baby! As fun as they are, it can be overwhelming to some people who aren’t exactly sure as to what to buy the mother for their new bundle of joy. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not- it can still be hard to shop for the “perfect” gift.

Babies R Us makes it super easy and enjoyable to shop for a new baby in more ways than one. First, they simplify the stress by offering one of the best baby registries ever. If you know an expectant mother that has registered at Babies R Us, you are in luck. Simply find her registry on their website and you can view everything that she has personally selected for her new baby.

Top Gifts Mom and Baby Babies R Us Registry


Registries make life easy. You don’t have to worry about if the person already has something or if they would even like what you picked out.

Or, if you want to “surprise” the mom with something she wouldn’t expect, Babies R Us has a lot of options available! From clothing and bedding to diapering and bath needs, you can find a variety of different colors, styles, brands, and special needs!

Here are some of our favorite top gifts at Babies R Us for expectant mothers:

1. Bloomers Baby Diaper Cake- Hawaiian Yellow Orchids with Yellow Tulle & Raffia for $70.99

top gifts babies r us diaper cakes diapers


One of the top gifts at Babies R Us for expectant mothers are diaper cakes! They have a large variety of beautifully decorated diaper cakes that you can choose from. You can find adorable cakes for little boys and girls, which are designed in color-specific styles. Or, if they are leaving the gender a surprise, Babies R Us has you covered with gender-neutral diaper cakes.

Another great fact about diaper cakes is that every mom would definitely use them! You can’t have enough diapers, especially when they are just born.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Girl 6-Piece Organic Blossom “Better Bath Time” Gift Basket Set for $39.99

Top Gifts Babies R Us Gift Baskets

This bath gift basket would also make another great idea to buy for a newborn. Burt’s Bees is a trusted name, especially when it comes to wanting the best quality for your baby. Included in this adorable basket is: a bathrobe, two wash cloths, and a hooded towel. These items are made of 100% organic cotton. Burt’s Bees shampoo/wash and nourishing lotion are also included.

3. SOZO Boys 3-Piece Monkey Welcome Home Gift Set for $34.99

top gifts for babies r us monkey newborn

Surprise your favorite mom-to-be with this cute “Welcome home” baby gift set! This trio comes with all newborn essentials: an adorable monkey cap, a onesie, and a security blanket. It is for sizes 0-3 months and comes packaged in a bright colored gift box.

4. Bumbo Floor Seat in Aqua for $44.99

top gifts babies r us bumbo seat

Bumbo seats come in handy when babies get big enough to stabilize their heads. Babies R Us carries these convenient seats in purple, pink, lime, and aqua (shown above). Bumbo seats are very popular so if you see one on someones’ registry list, I’d consider purchasing it for them. They are great for babies to sit in when they are ready to be introduced to baby food and also great for interaction and play time!

5. The First Years Take & Toss 28-Piece Variety Bag for $12.99

top gifts babies r us first years cups utensils

No, a baby isn’t going to be able to use these right off the bat. Items like this make great gifts for baby showers though because not many people buy them. Most people receive enough newborn outfits that they could clothe the child every day until it grows out of that size.

Most moms appreciate receiving items that can be used later down the road. This inexpensive 28-piece plastic dish set is perfect for traveling or to use at home. It comes equipped with plastic utensils, bowls with lids, and sippy cups.

6. TOMY GumDrop Pacifier Sanitizer with Newborn Pacifier in Green for $9.99

top gifts babies r us pacifier

Most babies love pacifiers and most moms would love having a pacifier sanitizer to go along with one.  The pacifier sanitizer from TOMY uses steam to sanitize in the microwave. It could hold up to two pacifiers and takes only minutes to work! It’s dishwasher safe, BPA free, and fits conveniently in a diaper bag! Those are all reasons as to why it is one of our top gifts at Babies R Us!

7. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier for $44.99

top gifts babies r us moby wrap carrier

Moby wraps are the latest fad in the baby world! The Moby wrap is designed to make carrying your new baby a lot more comfortable for you and them. There are no buckles or fasteners. It literally wraps around both of your shoulders and back, providing the supper you need while still remaining cozy for your little one.

Moby wraps can be used for fitness, breastfeeding, bonding, and more. This would be a unique and meaningful gift for an expectant mother.

8. Mommy Bear with Womb Sound for $24.99

Top Gifts Babies R Us Mommy Bear Womb

Make life a little more familiar for a newborn with this Mommy Bear teddy bear that plays similar sounds to that of when they were inside their mom’s belly. These sounds have actually been recorded in the womb, which provide a calm and comfort way to soothe your child to sleep. You can also adjust the level of volume easily.

9. Trend Lab Jelly Bean Owl Stuffed Toy and Bib Gift Set for $24.99

top gifts babies r us bibs owl gift set

Welcome new baby with these adorable bibs and cute stuffed owl that would be great for either a boy or girl! Gingham print and polka dots cover the bibs in orange and mint green. All colors and patterns give a springtime or summery feel and would be great to bring to any baby shower as gifts!

The bibs are also backed with absorbent cotton terry cloth, which would be very well appreciated by mom and baby, I’m sure! You can also find this gift set available as a pink elephant or blue monster for gender-specific gift-seekers.

10. Baby Bullet Food System 20-Piece for $59.99

top gifts babies r us baby bullet

The Baby Bullet is a highly requested item on baby registries and there’s no wonder why! This 20-piece set equips new parents with everything they need (besides the actual food and freezer) to make healthy, homemade baby food for their child. It also makes the actual process of making the food a lot of fun! It’s hard to be grumpy when you pour pureed carrots into a smiley-face baby jar!

Included in this set are two blades for different types of foods, three mixing bowls, six date-dial storage cups, batch tray with lid, spatula, storage tray, cook book, and more! Not only is it really healthy for your baby, but you can also save a lot of money by preparing your own baby food at home.

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