These 23 Easter Cupcakes are the Cutest Cupcakes Ever

posted on April 18, 2014 at 11:32 am

With Easter being only a few days away, you are probably looking for something fun and creative to bake that the whole family is going to enjoy. For some people, they opt to purchase something delicious from the store that everyone can enjoy. Others want to take the time and effort to create their own treats. Regardless of whether you are crafty or not, you are sure to find a treat here that is going to bring a smile to the face of all those you celebrate the holiday with.

If you aren’t sure what you want to create, check out some of the cutest Easter cupcakes ever. Once you have a chance to look through all of the different options, you are sure to find one of the recipes below entertaining and delicious. See what you can create this Easter season with one of the 23 different ideas outlined below.

1. Sweet-as-Pie Cupcakes

sweet as pie

Even though these might look like tiny little pies, they are actually a cupcake in disguise. Choose your favorite color M&M’s to create a unique little pie that leaves your family coming back for more. Using red M&M’s and some icing, you can create these delectable little pies that will leave everyone wondering what’s inside.


2. To Dye for Cupcakes

to dye for cupcakes

Take a ride along the rainbow with this beautiful psychedelic cupcake. Easter is all about colorful eggs, so why not bring some color to your cupcakes? All you need is a few different colors of gel icing to create this simple treat. Simple to make and delicious to eat.


3. Flower Power Cupcake

flower power cupcake

Some marshmallows, yellow frosting and gumdrops is all you need to create these beautiful flower cupcakes. Since spring and Easter are both signified by colorful flowers, you might as well let your cupcakes stand out in the crowd this holiday season. If you want to be really creative, you can always opt for colored marshmallows or add some food coloring or gel to your marshmallow slices.


4. Sweet Tweets

sweet tweets

Grab a couple of plain donut holes, shredded coconut, food coloring, frosting and a gumdrop to create one of the cutest cupcakes you have ever seen. Not only do chicks represent Easter, but these chicks will be delicious to eat as well. Stack two donut holes together and cover them with frosting to get them to stick together. Put their eyes, beak and the coconut grass on to complete the look. It doesn’t get any cuter than what it does with these Easter cupcakes.


5. Flower Cupcake in a Cone

flower cupcake in a cone

Brighten up your holiday with these beautiful flower Easter cupcakes. All you need are some colorful ice cream cones, white frosting and gumdrop disks to create these stunning treats. Not only will you love eating the cupcakes, but you will love being able to hold onto them without having to worry about getting all dirty. Everyone will love how beautiful and tasty they are.


6. Sweet Shop

sweet shop

You remember Willy Wonka, right? Well, he would definitely be impressed by this delectable ensemble here. Double-decker milkshakes that you can easily share with your loved ones, sundae scoops that are actually frosting and lollipops created from fruit chews. What better way to bring in Easter than with a load of candy-covered cupcakes? Gather sprinkles, food coloring, mini marshmallows, cocoa powder, fruit chews and more to create these yummy treats.


7. Shy Bunny Cupcake

shy bunny cupcake

Edible grass, marshmallows and melted icing can help to create this adorable little bunny. Children will spend hours trying to figure out where the other half of the bunny went. Not only is it simple to make, but it is absolutely adorable. See if your little ones can trick the bunny into coming out.


8. Crazy Chick Cupcakes

crazy chick cupcakes

One look at these adorable chicks will have you wondering how they were created. Some yellow frosting, black gel and cupcakes will have you on your way to the most delectable treats around. See how much fun you can have creating a number of different eye designs. Children will love to create them almost as much as they will love to eat them.


9. Easter Butterfly Cupcakes

easter butterfly cupcakes

To create these gorgeous cupcakes, all you need is some licorice, pretzels and candies to make up the body of the butterfly. Choose from any number of different colors to create a whole family of butterflies. For the main frosting color of the cupcake, you can choose any number of different colors to create a rainbow of fun. Children will love being able to create these fabulous cupcakes.


10. Cool Easter Bunny Cupcakes

cool easter bunny cupcakes

Gather some black gel icing, plain cookies, frosting and your cupcakes to get to work creating these adorable cupcakes. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can add some shredded coconut on top of your frosting to give these bunnies a unique look. You can opt to make these bunnies out of large cupcakes or small cupcakes, either way you are sure to love this delicious treat this Easter.


11. Easter Bunny Jelly Bean Cupcakes

easter bunny jelly bean cupcakes

Even though these bunny cupcakes are generally made using fondant, you can always use marshmallows or some other type of treat to mold the bunnies to your liking. Throw some jellybeans in the center and have your bunny sit atop a bed of luscious green grass to complete the ensemble.


12. Easter Basket Cupcakes

easter basket cupcakes

Use sour punch straws, chocolate eggs, marshmallow peeps, chocolate bunnies and chicks to create these adorable Easter basket cupcakes. Now, children can not only have a blast making these cupcakes, but they will love eating their Easter cupcakes as well. Choose either a bunny or chick to sit in the center of the basket, toss some jellybeans and candies around them and add in the handle for a fun treat.


13. Delicious Easter Treats

delicious easter treats

With these blend, you can create two different cupcake choices for your family to enjoy. One offers green grass loaded with jellybeans, chocolate eggs, butterflies and flowers, while the other one has bunny feet and a tail. What a wonderful way to welcome in spring with these delectable treats.


14. Here Comes the Easter Bunny

here comes the easter bunny

This is probably one of the simplest recipes around. All you need is a bunny ring pop and a cupcake covered with green frosting to create this simple, yet delicious, cupcake recipe. Adults and children alike will love this tasty treat.


15. Prepare for the Easter Bunny

prepare for the easter bunny

All you need for this recipe is some cupcakes topped with white frosting, confetti sprinkles and miniature Easter bunny shapes cut out of paper. Simply sprinkle on the confetti sprinkles and poke the bunny on a stick into your cupcake for a simple treat this Easter.


16. Easter Bunny Peeps

easter bunny peeps

Remember the world-famous marshmallow peeps? Well, for this recipe, all you need is those delicious peeps and some green frosting to create a beautiful cupcake that everyone will want to gobble up this Easter.


17. Jellybean Patch

jellybean patch

If you are looking for something simple and delicious, you will love this yummy treat. Use green frosting to create the luscious grass. Load the cupcakes up with jellybeans and enjoy feasting on these simple, albeit delicious, treats.


18. Delicious Easter Basket Cupcakes

delicious easter basket cupcakes

To create these delicious goodies, all you need is green frosting, coconut, jellybeans and edible Easter basket filler or licorice to bring the look together. Opt for different food coloring choices to create an array of different grass to top your green frosting and create a number of different looks.


19. Tye Dyed Easter Treats

tye dyed easter treats

Grab up a bunch of different food coloring choices and some Easter rings to create this unique look. Each cupcake is going to look far different than the one before. Swirl your way to a rainbow of goodness with these interesting cupcakes.


20. Cute Easter Chick Cupcakes

cute easter chick cupcakes

To make this treat, use plain donut holes, some jelly stars, coconut, fondant for the beak and arms and yellow frosting. All you have to do is top your cupcakes with yellow frosting, add a plain donut hole on top of the cupcake, top the donut with a dap of frosting and a jelly star to begin the process of creating this beautiful cupcake.


21. Hatching Chick Easter Cupcakes

hatching chick easter cupcakes

Grab some yellow peeps, malted milk balls, white air head candy, coconut and your choice of frosting color. Piece everything together and make your cupcakes look like the peeps are actually hatching from their eggs. Everything looks beautiful together and tastes amazing.


22. Fluffy Easter Bunny Cupcakes

fluffy easter bunny cupcakes

For this treat, grab some chewing gum, black icing, red hearts and white frosting to make some of the cutest little bunnies you have ever seen. After cutting the gum into ear shapes, you can bend them and stick them into the cupcakes with ease. Use the black icing to make the eyes, mouth and whiskers. Top it off with a heart shaped nose. Enjoy these tasty treats this Easter.


23. Fun Bunny and Carrot Cupcakes

fun bunny and carrot cupcakes

You will need some miniature chocolate chips, miniature marshmallows, large marshmallows, coconut, mini heart sprinkles and large heart sprinkles to create some of these cute cupcakes. Piece together these cupcakes and create your own bunny family for everyone to enjoy.

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