Theo and Beau Update: Still Napping Together, Still Adorable, Just Bigger

posted on April 28, 2014 at 12:34 pm

Not long ago, we wrote an article about Beau, his adorable puppy Theo and the naps that the pair take together. Even though the duo continues to grow bigger by the day, they’re still taking naps together!

It all started last Christmas when two of the older children, Zoe and Jack, had a meeting with Santa Claus in New York and asked him to bring them a puppy. Even though the apartment the family lived in prevented them from having a pet, they didn’t forget about the request when they were able to move out of the apartment and into the city. Soon after moving, the family began to search for the perfect dog at the local shelters.

After searching for a few weeks at the local shelters, the family ended up finding a puppy that they fell in love with. Theo wanted the attention and friendship of human’s right from the moment he came into their home. Three days after they adopted Theo, he ended up joining Beau in his daily naps. His mother was overwhelmed by how adorable the whole thing was, so she started taking pictures of the duo garnering over 300,000 followers on Instagram!

See why Theo and Beau are still our favorite BFFs:


Theo and Beau: Then and Now

theo and beau

Take a look at the two from a few months ago to now. Both have gotten bigger, but they are still just as cute as they were from the beginning. No matter how old they grow, this pair is inseparable.


Staying Warm with His Pup Theo

theo and beau

Who needs a blanket when you have a furry friend like this to keep you warm?  Thanks to this adorable little pup, Beau has his protector with him even in the middle of a nap.


Can I Snuggle with You?

theo and beau

Theo and Beau are all cuddled up for their naptime ritual. Even though the pair continues to grow, the pictures are just as cute as they were right from the beginning.


Put Your Dukes Up

theo and beau

It looks almost like the pair were battling it out when they fell asleep. Even in times of fighting and turmoil, the two still find comfort and solace in each other’s arms.

Don’t Worry; You’re Safe with Me

theo and beau

Thanks to Theo, Beau has nothing to worry about. He has his paws out to protect him from anything that might come his way. Theo is going to make sure that Beau is safe and secure during his nap.

Hold on Tight: This Naps Going to be a Little Rough

theo and beau

Beau has a nice, solid grip on his best friend Theo. Who needs a stuffed animal when you have a real-life dog to cuddle up with at naptime? Hold on tight and prepare to be enveloped in warmth and love.

Stick ‘Em Up

theo and beau

Nobody move; this is a stick-up. How adorable is this pair napping together? Both of them have their arms, or paws in Theo’s case, up and ready to take on the bad guys. Just check out the cute pants Beau has on; they are perfect for this pose.

Flexing His Muscles While He Sleeps

theo and beau

Little Beau has his muscles flexed and ready to defend himself and his beloved pup if someone tries to mess with them. No one better try to mess with this pair. Even when asleep, they are on the defensive.

Thinking Hard: Head-to-Head

theo and beau

The duo is going head-to-head to come up with their next big adventure. Wonder what the pair are thinking about as they lie in bed asleep?

Like My New Hat?

theo and beau

Have you ever seen a hat like this one before? Bet you haven’t. You can bet this cozy hat is sure to keep Beau’s head nice and warm while he naps. It looks like it fits perfectly.

Bet You Can’t Guess Where I am Hiding?

theo and beau

Even in their sleep, Theo is ready to play a rousing game of peek-a-book. No matter where the two are, they are always ready to play in one of the most exciting games for youngsters.

Regardless of how old the pair are, they grow closer together as the years go by. You can only imagine what the duo are going to be like when they get older. The bond between Theo and Beau will get stronger and stronger as time goes by. Until the next update, we can only imagine what the pair are going to look like. Stay tuned to see what the next installment of Theo and Beau is going to bring.

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