Ten Weekend DIY Projects

posted on October 10, 2013 at 4:16 pm

You have been home all week, and in your downtime you have been browsing on Pinterest and have been a Happy Pinner! Then reality sets in and you wonder when you will have the time to do all those cool DIY projects you just pinned. Take some time this weekend and do some of them! Here we have put together a list of 10 Great Ideas that you can accomplish over the weekend, and not skip a beat with your weekly duties. C’mon Mom… do something for yourself once in awhile!

10. Turn an old frame into a serving tray

Old Frame into Serving Tray

Do you have an old frame laying around and it need a new purpose? Why not make a serving tray that your family can use next Mother’s Day when they bring you breakfast in bed! Hint, Hint. Get the scoop HERE.

9. Create an Accent Wall


Sometimes our walls just need a little bit of extra love and they need to get a makeover. Wouldn’t you agree? Find the wall that needs the most attention and give it a lift! You won’t regret it! Find out the details on How to do it HERE.

8. Branch Coat Rack


Tired of all those coats just piled on the floor? During the week, take your kids on a nature walk to collect branches for your next DIY Project. On the weekend make this awesome Coat Rack to hang all those winter coats! What a great idea! Click HERE for instructions.

7. Record Cupcake Stand

Record Cupcake Stand

Looking for an inexpensive way to display those tasty cupcakes or appetizers at your next party? Check out this awesome Record Cupcake Stand or Serving Platters you can make with all those old records laying around.

6. Upcycle Flower Pot Holder

Upcycle chair to Flower Pot Holder

Last weekend you found an antique chair at a garage sale for pennies on the dollar and now you don’t know exactly what to do with it? Why not upcycle it, into a cute Flower Pot Holder! Simply remove the old cushion, give it a little paint and place your flower pot right in the center!

5. Shutter Magazine Rack

Shutter Magazine Rack

Perhaps you have an old window shutter laying around. Put it to good use and give it a little paint. Hang it in the living room where you often dream of just sitting down for a moment to read during quiet time, which you never get. What a cute way to display your magazines!

4. Memory Box Table

Memory Box Table

Have an upcoming event at your house and need a creative welcoming table? Or maybe you want to capture some of your kids favorite memories and are not sure how to display them. Why not create a Memory Box Table? Using a deep shadow box and a similiar sized end table, create this charming masterpiece everyone will fall in love with!

3. Family Message Board

Family Message Center

Sometimes your weeks would go by alot smoother if there was once place where everyone in the family could reference to see what’s going on for the week. So get crafty and make this awesome family message board. What a great Weekend DIY project to make your life a little easier.

2. CD Case Picture Art

CD Case Pictures

CD cases are beginning to be a thing of the past. But before you toss them out be sure you upcycle some of them to decorate those plain walls. What a great use of trash turned into treasure with this creative way to make CD Case Picture Art! Click HERE for details on what to do.

1. Reinvent Thrift Store Candle Holders

Candle Stick Holders

You were at the local thrift store and you came across a pair of majestic candle holders. But now what do you do with them? Paint them and give them new life! What a awesome idea for your next tablescape over the Holidays.

So be sure to pull up your Pinterest boards and do something fun! Being a mom doesn’t always have to be about the drab side of life. Spruce it up and get crafty this weekend!

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