Soaps That Look Good Enough to Eat

posted on February 15, 2013 at 1:45 pm

cupcake soap 2

Soap. You know, that thing that smells nice, washes you clean and caused a lot of guilt for one character on Downton Abbey. Yeah, that thing.

Soaps may be deadly on melodramatic period TV shows, but in our world, they’re harmless and even come in different shapes, designs and colors. Even better, they can come in the form of sweets and desserts that, unlike real desserts, won’t disappear in seconds. We at R4M have collected our favorite tastiest-looking soaps that will keep you salivating even in the shower…

Dessert Soaps Revised

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Personally, we can’t get over the watermelon pops but let us know which ones you’re craving! And yes… we swear these are all soaps!

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