Scary Story of the Day: Lap Baby Thrown Back 2 Rows by Terrible Turbulence

posted on March 12, 2014 at 9:55 pm

Passengers of United Flight 1676 from Denver to Billings had a terrifying experience when their plane hit severe turbulence, causing some passengers to be thrown about the cabin, including one infant.  The baby flew out of its parents arms so hard that it landed two rows back.

The plane dropped suddenly and violently as it was preparing to make a landing, giving passengers no time to react.  Two crew members and three passengers had to be hospitalized, although the baby thankfully was unharmed.

Flying with a baby

Even the best-intentioned parents who think they will keep their children safe can find themselves in a scary situation when hit by sudden and violent turbulence.  The force is too strong, as one Flight 1676 passenger found out when she hit the ceiling so hard that she cracked the overhead panel.

Although FAA regulations allow adults to hold one child on their lap during a flight, this incident was scary enough to make a lot of parents think twice about it.  Paying for another seat where the child can be safely strapped into a car seat or bassinet may cost extra but the peace of mind may be worth the cost.


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