Save on Summer Must Haves with This PacSun Coupon Code

posted on May 28, 2014 at 6:27 pm

Summer is here, which means it’s time to start dressing the part. Enjoy the sun and all its glorious rays by letting your skin be bare in the latest warm weather fashions.

Pacsun is universally known for their summer attire and Golden State of Mind. Every piece of clothing available on their website is inspired by the unique California lifestyle that asks us to sit back, relax, and be who we want to be. And for a limited time, you can save money on their latest trends. Using the Pacsun coupon codes GOLDEN15 or GOLDEN20, you can save 15% off a $50 purchase or 20% off a $100 purchase.

Check out our favorite outfits and see how much you can save using these Pacsun coupon codes!


1. Tavik Poppy One Piece

pacsun coupon code – $91

Before Coupon Code: $91

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $77.35

Ooooh sexy. Having a swimsuit that fits is essential for the upcoming season. This fashionable one-piece gives you midriff coverage without making you look like the mom you are. And the navy color looks good on just about any skin tone!


2. One Shoulder Tank and High Rise Shorts

pacsun coupon code – $22.95 (tank) + $39.95 (shorts)

Before Coupon Code: $22.95 + $39.95 = $62.90

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $19.51 + 33.96 = $53.47

We love this outfit combo! The colorful, one shoulder tank top matches so perfectly with the white flutter shorts. The cute embroidery on the hem of the shorts gives them sophistication, and the stretch fabric of the cropped shirt makes it super comfy.


3. Daisies Cutout Playsuit

pacsun coupon code

Before Coupon Code: $109

After Coupon Code GOLDEN20: $87.20

This fabulous playsuit is so colorful and happy that we can’t stop looking at it! The bright daisies really give it life, while the bold black striping makes it look mature and modern. The cutout middle reveals just a tease of skin without being too provocative.


4. Sunflower Crochet SkirtCutout Bralette, and Round Sunglasses

pacsun coupon code – $26.95
pacsun coupon code – $22.95
pacsun coupon code – $16.95

Before Coupon Code: $26.95 + $22.95 + $16.95 = $66.85

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $22.91 + $19.51 + $14.41 = $56.83

What a sexy outfit! The skirt is lightweight with sunflower lace to give it a beautiful appearance. The top has a v-slit front and cutout sides to show a little bit of skin. Paired with the sunglasses, you will be a super mom that doubles as a fashion model.


 5. Bodie Dress, Ankle Strap Sandals, and Sea Hat

pacsun coupon code – $59.50
pacsun coupon code – $24.95
pacsun coupon code
pacsun – $28.95

Before Coupon Code: $59.50 + $24.95 + $28.95 = $113.40

After Coupon Code GOLDEN20: $47.6 + $19.96 + $23.16 = $90.72

It’s the summer of the maxi dress, so don’t disappoint the fashion gods. This paisley print is modern with throwback undertones. The bright coral and darker navy are a great pair. Matched with this beige hat and brown leather sandals, you will look like an unstoppable beach fiend!


6. Billabong Shortalls and Flounce Bandeau Top

pacsun coupon code – Overalls $59.50 + Top $17.46

Before Coupon Code: $59.50 + $17.46 = $76.96

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $50.58 + $14.84 = $65.42

Embrace the farmer in you with this cute and girly overalls! The pastel blue and pink stripes make the look super feminine, as do the cutoff shorts. The gathered orange tube top is perfect to wear underneath as it covers you with smothering you.


7. Part of Me Crop Top and Bottom

pacsun coupon code –  $36 (top) + $33 (bottom)

Before Coupon Code: $36 + $33 = $69

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $30.60 + $28.05 = $58.65

The bold black outlining of this swimsuit makes it look like a work of pop art. The floral pattern offsets these harsh lines nicely for a feminine touch. The cute triangle mesh segment right in the middle of the chest is both sporty and sexy, a combination that gives you the ultimate look.


8. Hawaiian Fit-Flare Dress and Beaded Strap Sandals

pacsun coupon code – $39.95
pacsun coupon code – $24.95

Before Coupon Code: $39.95 + $24.95 = $64.90

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $33.96 + $21.21 = $55.17

This dress is just so cute that I want to wear it right now. The colorful Hawaiian pattern features rainbow birds surrounded by floating pineapples and leaves on a white fabric. Paired with matching strappy sandals, you’ll look so chic out in the sun!


9. Racer Tank and Cutoff Shorts

pacsun coupon code – $32.95 (tank) + $36.95 (shorts)

Before Coupon Code: $32.95 + $36.95 = $69.90

After Coupon Code GOLDEN15: $28.01 + $31.41 = $59.42

If you don’t feel the need to be all dressed up, then this is the perfect casual look for you. The racer tank is loose and comfortable, and perfect for all those patriotic summer holidays with a weathered flag on the front. The jean shorts are a classic with an added touch of white dip dye for some fun.

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