Save on the Latest Spring Outfits at T.J. Maxx

posted on April 10, 2014 at 3:55 pm

If you are someone who is always trying to shop for the latest trends in fashion but you can’t afford the expensive price tags that come along with the items, you have to check out T.J. Maxx. When you shop at T.J. Maxx, you are going to find some of the hottest spring outfits for less than what you are going to pay anywhere else. Children and adults alike are going to love the clothing labels that T.J. Maxx has to offer. Beyond clothing, they also sell accessories, jewelry, handbags and much more.

For those who don’t want to fight through the crowds in stores, you can always shop online through Now, through April 28, 2014, you can get free shipping on orders over $99 just by using the code SHIP99 when you checkout. Even though you can’t get expedited shipping for free, standard shipping is always nice when you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Regardless of whether you shop online or in one of their stores, you are going to save as much as 60 percent off the prices of department stores. Who doesn’t want to save more than half on the same clothes and household items that you can find elsewhere? By saving more, you get to buy more. We all know that’s what it’s all about is maximizing your money.

If you want to boost your savings even more, you need to hit up their clearance section. For those who have never been to T.J. Maxx before, you need to know that their line can change from one week to the next. Stuff is constantly coming into and out of the store, so you want to grab something that catches your attention as quickly as you can. It just might not be there the next time you go to the store. If you don’t see it on the regular racks, make sure to look for it in the clearance section. Otherwise, it might be that the item is sold out.

For those who love shopping online, you can still return your items to the store or ship it back to them. Since you can use either option, you don’t ever have to worry about not being able to return or exchange your item. They make the process simple and efficient for you. Instead of going through a bunch of hassles and headaches just to try and get your money back on an item, T.J. Maxx makes the process simple. You won’t ever have to worry about being stuck with an item that wasn’t what you expected.

Now that you know what T.J. Maxx has to offer you in terms of your shopping experience, how about we check out a few of the latest styles they have available for purchase?

1. Silk Blend Peplum Dress (Compare at $200+)

silk blend peplum dress for $99.99

With spring here, you want something that is light, airy, flirty and fun. Thanks to this beautiful silk blend peplum dress by Tracy Reese, you are going to get just that. Regardless of whether you are looking for something to wear to work or a night on the town, this dress is perfect.

With 37 inches in length, you don’t have to worry about this dress being too short or too long. It will hit right along your knees to provide you with the perfect length and style in one fabulous piece.


2. Cotton Lace Overlay Sundress (Compare at $80)

cotton lace overlay sundress $39.99

With summer, we all think about the bright golden rays of the sun. With this beautiful cotton lace overlay sundress by Greylin, you can embrace the beautiful yellow color that comes with spring and summer. It features a white lace overlay to help accentuate the dress and make the color underneath appear subtle, while still accentuating your skin tone. Show off your tan with this beautiful dress.


3. Bandeau Ruched Swim Dress (Compare at $60)

bandeau ruched swim dress $29.99

Along with the warm, summer temperatures comes time to head out to the beach and enjoy the beautiful, blue water. What better way to prepare than this stunning swimsuit by Gottex? Choose from either blue or amethyst to accentuate your individual taste and personality.

Either color is going to bring out your beautiful skin tones and highlight your tan. With the form of this suit, your curves are going to be highlighted in all the right places. Pick up your new suit and get ready to hit the beach in style.


4. Coconuts Leather Sandal (Compare at $39)

leather sandal $19.99

Now that the warmer weather is rolling in, you need a pair of shoes that allows your feet to breathe. These sandals are perfect for wearing to the beach, to work, out on the town or wherever else you desire. The neutral black coloring will accentuate just about anything in your wardrobe, while the stones help add a touch of style and class to the show. If you want something fun and flirty, you have to bring home a pair of these sandals today. What woman doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?


5. Isla Splash Medium Tote (Compare at $38)

isla splash medium tote $24.99

Of course, no woman can be without a handbag. You have to have somewhere to put all of your personal effects. What better option than this stunning medium tote by Donna Dixon? Choose from either the navy or the pink, depending on what your preference is.

With pockets on the inside, you will have plenty of room to put all of your effects right where you want them to be. The rope handles help add a twist to the tote that make it unique and stylish at the same time.


6. Long Sleeve Burnout Sweatshirt (Compare at $24)

long sleeve burnout sweatshirt $16.99

Even though the temperatures are warming up, you never know when the night is going to be chilly. To keep warm, you can add this long sleeve burnout sweatshirt into the mix. With colors like black, blue, grey and pink, you can add a couple to your wardrobe to make sure you always have one that matches your ensemble.

It offers a classic fit, while enveloping you in warmth. The soft cotton material will feel nice against your skin, while the polyester blend will make sure this shirt isn’t going to shrink too much.


7. Linen Blend Relaxed Fit Drawstring Pants (Compare at $40)

drawstring relaxed fit pants $19.99

If you want something comfortable to wear around the house, to work or out with your significant other, these drawstring relaxed fit pants are perfect. Choose from either olive or navy for a couple different looks. Pair these pants with a sweatshirt, sweater or sleeveless top to create a look that wows.

You can wear a nice pair of sandals, flats, pumps or wedges to make your look complete. With so many different mix-and-match opportunities, you will be amazed at how many styles you can come up with all from using this one pair of pants.


8. 600 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Comforter (Compare at $150-175)

comforter $39-49

Beyond clothing, you can find items that you can use around your household as well. This 600 thread count sateen comforter is one that you definitely want to add to your collection. Snuggle up with this on a cool, summer night and be surrounded in warmth in no time. With multiple color and size options available, you can build your bedding collection quickly and inexpensively.

Since it has such a great thread count, you don’t have to worry about getting anything less than exceptional for your money. The sateen material is smooth against your skin, so you don’t have to worry about anything harsh or uncomfortable while you try to go to sleep at night. It really doesn’t get any better than this stunning comforter.


9. Roxanne Single Panel Drape (Compare at $85)

single panel drape $29

If you are someone who likes a little privacy or you simply want to accentuate the windows in your home, you might want to look at these single panel drapes. Since they are a neutral color, you are sure to find a use for them throughout your entire home. From the living room to the bedroom, family room and more, these drapes are going to help create a look that is beautiful and simplistic at the same time.

You can easily close the drapes to help block some light out, or open them up to let the light shine in. They move easily along your rod, so you don’t have to worry about any difficulty in getting them installed around your home. At 55″ wide and 84″ long, make sure you have your rods adjusted accordingly to fit these drapes into place perfectly.


10. Floral Fusion Cake Plate (Compare at $44)

cake plate $20

What better way to bring in spring than with this beautiful cake plate? Bake up some of the most delicious treats and put them on display for everyone to enjoy. Not only is the color scheme beautiful, but it has a bright and airy feel about it. Just placing it around the kitchen will help to brighten up the counter space and leave everyone wondering what they are going to have for dessert.

Even though these are only a few of the options available, you can choose from hundreds of spring outfits and other designer items all at T.J. Maxx. The best part of all is the money you are going to save on your purchases. Take a look today and see what you uncover.

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