Perfect Gifts for Mother’s Day at JCPenney

Mother’s Day shopping can be a challenge for some people. Sometimes its hard to find the “perfect gift” for someone so important in your life. JCPenney has made shopping for mom a breeze with their top picks on their website. You can view some of their best gift ideas for… Read More»

Hint, Hint – Jewelry We’d Like for Mother’s Day

We’re tired of flowers and chocolate for Mother’s Day. Give us something that sparkles! And by that, we mean jewelry. Every year we lay out a bunch of really thoughtful hints and clues, only to open up our present and find yet another lotion and soap set from Bath and… Read More»

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For all of us parents it seems like those big milestones come way too fast! Whether you have a child graduating from elementary, junior high or highschool it seems that the costs just keep going up and up with things to buy and mementos for your graduate! Or maybe you… Read More»

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