Photographic Proof That Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

posted on May 10, 2014 at 12:16 am

These photos are irrefutable evidence that the puppies that we know and love are loyal and faithful friends, right from the beginning.

1. “What Is This Most Magnificent Creature?”

Baby Sees Puppy For First Time


2. “They’re So Fuzzy!”
Baby Meets Puppies

3. “Well Hellooo There!”

Baby's Inquisitive About Dog


4. Om Nom Nom Nom

Puppy Nibbles On Baby's Foot


5. Apathetic Baby Is Apathetic

Baby Is Indifferent To Puppy


6. Baby Ready To Pounce, Cuteness Ensues!

Baby Sneaks Up On Puppy


7. “My, What Big Ears You Have!”

Child Inspects Dogs Ear


8. “Is This Tiny Human For Me?”

Dog Meets Baby For First Time


9. Baby Thinks Pup’s Cold Nose Is Silly!

Puppy Kisses Baby


10. Cuteness & Caution

Girl Approaches Dog With Caution


11. “What Is This Noisy Creature?!”

Baby Meets Noisy Puppy

12. “This Is Mine, I Shall Love It & Cuddle It.”

Big Dog Kisses Baby


 13. “I’ll Distract Mom, Grab The Cookies!”

Baby Hangs Out With Dog


14. Snuggle Times!

Dog Snuggles With Baby


15. That Face!

Baby Makes Funny Face Meeting Dog For The First Time


16. “Could You Just Back Up 1 or 2 Inches?”

Dog Nuzzles Baby


17. “These Tiny Fingers, I Must Sniff Them.”

Adorable Puppy Sniffs Baby


18. “You Crack Me Up, Pup!”

Baby And Dog Share Laughs


19. Oh, The Feels!

Big Dog Nuzzles Newborn


20. “What’s Up, Pup?”

Dog Inspects Waking Baby


21. Best. Friends. Forever.

Mans Best Friend

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