OPI Nail Polish Colors We Love

posted on March 17, 2014 at 5:22 pm

When you get bored with life, there is one simple solution to spice things up – nail polish! Without sounding too much like a prepubescent girl, nail polish is a pretty rad invention. You can change your entire look with just a simple coat. Go from goth to girly to festive with a simple swipe of the brush. OPI nail polish is totally the way to go, as it’s the top of the line in the nail industry business. OPI has hundreds of colors to choose from depending on your mood or outfit… but here are our personal favorites!


1. Dating A Royal

OPI Nail Polish

This beautiful purple-blue color will have you weak at the knees. It’s bold, vibrant, and reminiscent of the blood that flows through the veins of the chosen few. According to the official website, it “sets crowns spinning”… which is something we totally understand.


2. Can’t Let Go

OPI Nail Polish

Inspired by the lovely Mariah Carey, this nail polish has got sparkle for everyone. The deep lilac shade shimmers sinfully with the added glitter specks entwined throughout. It’s part of the liquid sand line because of the rough texture and look. We think it would look absolutely fabulous with a matching dress of the same color.


3. Big Apple Red

OPI Nail Polish

Every woman needs that perfect red shade, and we believe this OPI nail polish is it. Deep red with just the slightest hint of pink, it makes your fingernails look like devilish temptresses that have come out to play. The OPI site says it makes you “ready to take on the world,” which is totally true with this power color.


4. Green-wich Village

OPI Nail Polish

What’s more pleasant than a nice, happy green? Not much. It reminds us of the new growth of a spring day, and according to the OPI website, it gives off the “downtown mod” vibe. Embrace the natural world and give your nails some camouflage so they can easily hide in the grass.


5. Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

OPI Nail Polish

This pink is just so gosh darn dreamy. It’s reminiscent of cotton candy on a hot summer day, or bubble gum during middle school math class, or even Pepto-Bismol. That’s not a bad thing, considering it’s the best colored medicine on the market. This color belongs to the OPI Brazil 2014 collection, which features a whole selection of bright, ethnic tones.


6. Get in the Expresso Lane

OPI Nail Polish

At first, this color may kind of gross you out. It’s so dark and dreary, and it’s hard to even know what shade it is. The OPI website classifies it as brown, but really, it appears as a dark muddied gray-green. But the longer you look at it, the more you’ll grow to love it. It’s heavy and bold, which is perfect for the times when life isn’t so upbeat and cheery.


7. Yodel Me on My Cell

OPI Nail Polish

We may have a small obsession with the color blue, but how can you not after seeing this color? A hint of shine and sparkle gives it a metallic edge that other colors lack. We don’t like feeling blue, but in this case we might make an exception. It certain light, it even takes on a greenish teal haze, so be forewarned if you’re seeking a robin egg shade to complete your look.


8. Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?

OPI Nail Polish

Another selection from the OPI Brazil 2014 collection, this dazzling orange reeks of sunshine and glorious summer days past. It’s so juicy it looks as though you could just bite into. The OPI website brings up the idea of a “delicious mango smoothie,” and we really can’t think of a better way to describe this decadent color.


9. Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI Nail Polish

“Where midnight meets purple” is the best way to categorize this luscious plum darkness. It’s the first OPI nail polish we would head to if we were craving that evil vamp look for the day. It’s dark enough to be a neutral color, but tinged enough with purple to avoid being too drab. It will make your hands look young and hip without trying too hard!

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