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posted on January 17, 2013 at 3:28 am

For stay-at-home moms, it’s always nice to have an extra way to bring in some goodies. We’ve scoured the web looking for some credible programs that you can easily sign up for and earn rewards. Out of all the programs we researched, we think Nielsen Home Scan has the most to offer. Take out word for it and click the link below to sign up! Otherwise, feel free to read on and learn more about the amazing prizes you can win!

Nielsen National Consumer Panel HomeScan

You may have heard of Nielsen before; they’re the authority on TV ratings and other polling, so there’s no doubt that their offer is legitimate. Basically, once you sign up, they send you a scanner, which you use to scan your household goods and groceries as you buy them. Each scan enters you into regularly-held drawings, and points are rewarded for each week you transmit your scans. Even if you don’t win a drawing, points still carry over and can be redeemed for some pretty hefty rewards; think along the lines of your credit card rewards program. The scale of the prizes you can earn is not what you’re used to seeing with other offers!

Participating in the program won’t get you free stuff overnight, but if you remain consistent, then you’ll eventually see something for your time; waking up will be just a little more pleasant with your iPod dock, which is, surprisingly, a lower-tiered reward.

Most importantly, scanning your items serve a higher purpose; your purchasing habits are compiled with other participants’ to provide statistics that will help stores decide the accessibility of items and whether they should be considered for sales. So, maybe if you scan that obscure dog food you buy all the time, they’ll finally put it within reach!

Involving your children can help educate them on budgeting and keeping track of lists You can have them cross each item off the receipt as they scan it, which will help develop their organizational skills. It’s also a great way to help them realize that, yes, those Oreos that they just demolished really did cost more than the spaghetti you’re making for dinner.

Registration is quick and easy through Nielsen Home Scan’s main website, and they’ll send you everything you need to get started free of charge. Also, there’s no penalty for quitting the program, so you can send the scanner back on their dime if you wish to opt out and still spend your points whenever you’d like.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, which is why we highly recommend joining the Nielsen Home Scan program to any mother who wants to earn a few rewards for doing what they already do everyday!


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