Should New Moms in Jail Be Allowed to Breast Feed? This One Wasn’t

posted on March 31, 2014 at 9:43 pm

As a mom, you know how important it is to breast feed your child. All the studies show breast feeding is better for the health of your baby. So how would you feel if you were suddenly force to stop breast feeding your baby?

Should Moms Be Allowed to Breastfeed?

That’s exactly what happened to one 27-year-old mom. Britney Weber gave birth to a wonderful little girl. Then, four weeks later, she was taken to jail on contempt of court charges related to a traffic case.

Should Moms be Allowed to Breastfeed?

Yes. The timing was way off. Britney had the option of paying the $1,066 bail, but couldn’t afford it. Therefore, she had to spend a week in jail. It was while she was in jail that she asked if she could pump milk and have it delivered to her baby, Elsy. The jail officials had an immediate answer:

Should Moms be allowed to breastfeed?

They claimed that “the jail allows inmates to express milk in cases where a physician or nurse considers it necessary. But they say they can’t do so without a medical reason.” Apparently, having a poor, defenseless little girl without her mom for a full week is not a good enough reason.

The jail also claims that they do not have enough refrigerator space to accommodate every jailed mom who wants to pump. They say they are very “accommodating,” but “when you’re incarcerated, you lose a lot of privileges that you otherwise had when you’re not in jail.”

Should moms be allowed to breastfeed?

Many people are upset that officials called breastfeeding a “privilege.” In fact, Jezebel published a scathing editorial calling out the sheriff who made the statement. The writer claims that breastfeeding is a right for both mother and child.

However, the author of an article on Babble stresses that Britney knew she had the chance of going to jail within a week of birthing her baby. She knew that she would be breastfeeding Elsy, yet failed to inquire about regulations or try to get special arrangements in advance.

As a result of the week without pumping, Britney claims that she can no longer breastfeed. Additionally, her daughter is now having digestive problems.

What do you think? Was the jail wrong in denying Britney the right to pump? Was Britney wrong for not trying to make special arrangements ahead of time? What would you do in that situation?

Should moms be allowed to breastfeed?

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