Nabisco Commercial Teaches Us the Meaning of Wholesome and We’re Kind of Obsessed

posted on March 28, 2014 at 11:58 pm

The 30-second Nabisco Honey Maid “This is Wholesome” commercial offers viewers a glimpse through the lens of what America is today, and it’s kind of beautiful. It showcases real people and real situations.

Who do we see? Families of every form.

A father-son team of two:

father son duo

An interracial family:

interracial family

A same-sex couple with two children:

same-sex couple

A military family:

military family

A tattooed rocker dad with his wife and daughter:

rocker dad

What do we see? The special moments of love and laughter among these families that in the words of Honey Maid, make them wholesome.

Not all situations may be “ideal,” like the military father who doesn’t get to be home much and misses seeing his kids every day, or the single dad who does his best to provide a balance for his son even when it’s tough.

They make the best of it though and overcome the difficulties they face. That’s what life is all about after all, right? We’re all created differently, and we’re thrown curve balls time and time again, but what defines us is how we handle ourselves and whether we give in to the demands of society or make our own paths.

In today’s world, it’s this type of marketing that speaks volumes. This is more than a brand campaign; it’s a statement promoting love, above all things, and the celebration of all families. It urges us to look beyond the varying ethnicities, languages, and lifestyles that so often define us and realize the underlying ideals that really matter.

In a Facebook post on March 10, Honey Maid said: facebook postWe are a melting pot, and these characteristics are what make us unique. They are what make us America. Nabisco teaches us to embrace our differences and remember, “No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will.” melting pot

Without further ado, we give you the commercial (and just a heads up, you may want to have a tissue nearby):

Honey Maid invites you to share your family’s stories and wholesome moments on their website, and we’d love to hear them, too! Leave us a comment in the space below and tell us about the moments with your family that you’ll always cherish.


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