Why This Mom Wants to Thank the Woman Behind Her at the Grocery Store

posted on April 10, 2014 at 1:22 pm

In today’s tough economic times, you never know when a bad situation might come your way. Even though you assume you have everything taken care of, you can’t predict what the future has in store for you. Can you imagine working somewhere for years only to have the boss come in and tell you that your job is finished? What would you do? Going from someone who has been able to take care of themselves into someone who now has to depend on someone else is hard enough.

Instead of being able to pay for the groceries on your own, you have to turn to the government just to be able to feed your children. For some, they can’t even get to this point because they have too much pride. It takes a lot to be able to step back and say “I need help”, and “I can’t do this alone”. If you have always been someone to do things without any help, it can be difficult to actually let someone help you. Many people don’t. They can’t get over their sense of pride and accomplishment to actually admit they need help.

grocery shopping with kids

Can you imagine if you were someone who was doing everything they could to try and make ends meet only to end up struggling through even more heartache? Many of us have probably been in a position where we didn’t have enough to pay for the things we wanted. However, were those things we really needed, or just something we wanted? For the most part, they were things that we could probably put back on the shelf and come back for later.

That wasn’t the case in this heartwarming story. A family who had struggled with one hardship after another found someone who truly had the compassion and kindness that so many of us need to have for others. Instead of looking down upon others, we need to take a moment and think about how we would feel if we were in their situation. That is exactly what this amazing woman did who happened to be behind the woman and her children that day in the grocery store.

She didn’t know that the EBT machine was going to be down, nor did she ask to be put in that position. Her husband had been let go after 17 years of service to a company. With so many people fighting for jobs today, it’s hard to find anything decent out there, regardless of where you live. It seems as if the times are only getting harder and harder. When this mom went to the store to try and get groceries for her kids, the clerk told her that the EBT machine was down, so she had to come up with another way to pay for it.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option for this mom because that was all she had on her was her EBT card. Thanks to the kindness of someone standing behind her in line that day, she was able to get the groceries her children needed. Something as simple as this can make the world of difference to someone else. Instead of having so much hatred, jealousy and hostility toward others, we all need to do what this woman did that day in the grocery store.


Step back and take a moment to think about the last time someone did something for you. How did you react? Have you ever done something for someone else? Of course, if you aren’t in the position to help someone financially, there are other ways to show acts of kindness. The thing is we hear so much negativity in the news that we rarely hear anything positive about what is going on in the world around us. We need more stories like this to prove there are still plenty of decent people in the world who have the heart enough to put someone else before themselves.

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