Top 10 Free Samples Sites of 2014

posted on November 8, 2012 at 4:25 pm


Finding websites that give out free samples without bombarding your email with junk mail or making you jump countless hoops can be frustrating. So we’ve compiled this list of ten websites that will help you make small savings by getting products cost-free.

You can also check out our Where to Get Free Samples Guide for more information.


1. Start Sampling

free samples for 2014

Start Sampling lists free samples with a photo and links you to the manufacture’s page from which you can obtain the sample. They also allow you to comment and read comments of others as well as rate the offer. All of these features help take the guess work out of whether the sample is worth it.


2. Sayvings

free samples sites of 2014

Updated every 24 hours, Sayvings categorizes all the free samples so you can find more relevant free samples to your needs. With 30 categories that range from standard ‘stuff for men’, ‘stuff for women’, food, drink, household to more niche categories like ‘diabetic samples’ and ‘work at home’, Savyings is a great place to find the freebies you’re looking for.


3. Shop4Freebies

2014 free sample sites

Simple, clean and clear. Shop4Freebies lists the latest freebie samples as they come up, with a description of what it entails as well as comments from users on each sample. All offers are broadly categorized under food/drink, beauty/health, household/pets, books/guides, restaurant giveaways and facebook giveaways.


4. I Love Free Things

free sample sites

With a large database of free stuff and samples, I love Free things is a great site to find samples as they come up. The offeres posted on the site are assessed and clearly states what is included and what you need to do to get the sample.


5. Scam Free Samples

free samples for 2014

Scam Free Samples pride themselves on well, exactly what their title suggests. They claim to be “the best, no gimmick, Scam-Free Samples site.” All freebies listed on their site are free samples that are without surveys and require no participation


6. Walmart

free samples 2014

Walmart’s free sample program has great offers and a range of free samples. They do, however, tend to go quickly so check often to take the best advantage of this one.


7. is Pinterest-inspired stream of free sample deals that are sure to catch the eye. The samples on offer vary greatly and are updated often, so be sure to check out the site, and sign up to their mailing list!



Don’t let its gaudy citrus facade fool you, Sweet Free Stuff is a fantastic compendium of free sample links! Mainly a catalog of branded Facebook pages that offer free samples of their wares, this is a great site if you want to save fast!



This no-nonsense site cuts straight to the chase and gives you a list of the best current free samples on offer. Their links take you straight to the manufacturer page most of the time, and form there it’s easy sailing!


10. may have a URL whose wordiness rivals that of Jane Austen prose, but it’s actually quite a handy free samples resource. It’s updated diligently on a daily basis and often has some very unique and desirable finds.

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