Fabletics Coupons and Review

posted on June 4, 2014 at 12:07 pm

Have you heard of or tried the fun and unique way of shopping at Fabletics? In case you haven’t heard, Fabletics is a cool, interactive way to shop for trendy workout attire. Each item that you purchase is designed specially for your wants and needs.


Fabletics Coupons and Reviews


Also, when you shop at Fabletics, you actually shop to purchase a whole outfit, instead of separate items. Fabletics’ theory behind this is that it will help build your confidence, which will result in a healthier and happier you. And honestly, it’s kind of nice to have someone else worry about matching my clothes and ensuring that they are in style.

Something else that is really cool about Fabletics is that each article of clothing is created for different types of workouts and for different places that you like to work out. For example, if you like to run outside, you will need clothing that is more breathable compared to someone who likes to do yoga indoors. Well, Fabletics will make sure that you have exactly what you need in order to stay comfortable while you burn those calories!

When you choose an “outfit” to buy, you will be purchasing either a 2 or 3 piece set. This set includes a top and bottom. If you chose a 3-piece set, an additional layering item or accessory will be included.

Not only does Fabletics carry a wide variety of fashions and materials, but they also cater to their customers by offering a huge range of sizes. From XXS (sizes 0-2) to XXL (sizes 18-20), and everywhere in between, Fabletics can help you match your clothes to your body type! You can view the specifics on their size chart by visiting here.

If you are looking for a Fabletics coupon or deal, you can save 50% right now when you sign up to become a VIP member! No coupon code is required to get this awesome price of only $25 for an entire outfit!

So how do you get started? It’s easy!


1. Take the Fabletics Quiz

Fabletics Coupons Quiz Test

Complete their short quiz to be granted access to your hand-selected stylish workout gear! This quiz takes less than a minute to complete. You simply fill in your basic information like your name, email address, and zip code. Then, they will ask you some personal questions about your style and workout preferences.

After you submit their quiz, you can begin shopping! If you complete their quiz right now, you will be granted a special promotion to receive 50% off the purchase of your first outfit! You also will receive free shipping for your first order. That means you can score one outfit for only $25! This deal only lasts 24 hours though so you don’t have much time to debate your purchases.

The one thing that I did not like about their quiz was the timer that popped up at the end. It shows you exactly how many hours and minutes you have until your 50% off promotion will end! I think that it adds too much pressure to purchase something right that very instant. It’s hard to make a decision when you are worried about a time clock!


2. Shop at Fabletics

After you submit your quiz, you will then be ready to start shopping! You can start browsing through the items that they have selected for you based your quiz results. These clothing items will be listed under the “My Clothes” tab on the top left corner.

If you don’t happen to like any of the clothes that they have pre-selected for you, you can search through the many other styles that they have by choosing the appropriate category. Or, if you are interested in Kate Hudson’s favorite styles are, you can choose “Kate’s Picks” from the Collections category.

Fabletics Coupons Kate Hudson Favorites

When you shop different categories, you will be able to purchase separate items individually. The downfall to purchasing items separately, rather than buying one of their complete outfits, is that you will probably end up paying more. You get a huge discount when you purchase the whole outfit but they do give you the option to purchase items separately.

Fabletics also carries a wide assortment of accessories. From yoga towels, backpacks, water bottles, and fun sleeves, you will enjoy accessorizing your brand new fashionable workout clothes! Also, make sure to visit them frequently for any specials that are going on. If there is a Fabletics coupon available, you won’t want to miss it!


3. Earn Fabletics Rewards

Fabletics Coupons Earn Rewards Refer

Something that I love about Fabletics is that they offer rewards for purchasing their clothes. When you earn 1,000 rewards, you will be granted 1 Member Credit. 1 Member Credit is the equivalent to one free outfit of your choice! I think that this is an amazing bonus for their customers. It definitely makes Fabletics stand out from other companies by showing that they appreciate their loyal customers. As a bonus, it is really easy to earn rewards.

How you can earn rewards points at Fabletics:


Not only can you score awesome deals when you shop through Fabletics, but you can also earn your way to a free outfit! You will earn 2 rewards points for every $2 that you spend at Fabletics. Plus, if you are a VIP member, you will earn 20 points for every review that you write on your previous purchases.

For every $50 that you spend, you will receive 100 rewards points. Once you reach 1,000 rewards points, you will earn a free outfit! If you only spend $49.98, have no fear because they will round up to the nearest whole dollar, which would earn you 100 rewards points!


Fabletics Coupons Referalls

You can earn some serious rewards points by referring your friends to Fabletics. You can score the most rewards through friend referrals more than any other way to earn at Fabletics. If your friend signs up from your referral, you will earn a whopping 500 rewards points when she makes her first purchase! So, you can earn one free outfit each time that you have 2 friends sign up and make purchases at Fabletics! Talk about giving you a motive to spread the word about a fun and creative way to shop for clothes!

Your rewards points expire after 24 months of earning them. I think that 2 years is a very gracious length of time to give to their customers for redeeming their rewards points.


4. VIP Membership

When you start browsing through Fabletics website, you will notice items that are listed at a regular price in comparison to the VIP price. A lot of you may be like me and were a bit thrown off by what exactly a “VIP” meant exactly at Fabletics.

VIP Members appear to get the best deals, so I was under the assumption that there was a catch.

I was wrong.

To become a VIP at Fabletics, you simply have to take their quiz and select to become a VIP. Once you have taken the quiz, you are eligible for all of their special VIP discounts and promotions! It’s just as simple as that. There is no special code or Fabletics coupon that you will need to use when you check out.

However, if you don’t make any purchases by the tenth month of being a VIP member, your account will be charged $49.95, or 1 Member Credit. You will be able to use that as a credit and able to shop at any time.

Fabletics Coupons VIP Members



5. Work Up a Sweat in Style

When you shop for sportswear attire at Fabletics, you will be certain to be burning calories in fashion! They have something for every body type and personal style. When you take their quiz, they can base your answers off of their questions to help lead you in the right direction of style choices.

While their quiz is extremely beneficial and can make your shopping experience a lot easier, you are not required to purchase your hand-selected items! You can pick and choose as you please. They are simply suggestions that have been created for people with the same interests.

Something else that Fabletics has gotten right, is that everybody not only has a different body, but we also like to workout differently. Some people like to go jogging outdoors, while others like to utilize their treadmill indoors. Not to mention that not everyone likes to focus on cardio when they exercise. Yoga and pilates are perfect examples of exercises that are completely different than cardio.

No matter how or where you like to work out, you are probably going to be very satisfied at Fabletics. If you are an early-riser that likes to workout before you start your day, Fabletics has a beautiful selection of bright yellow fabrics to help get you motivated. Take a look at this fun set:

Fabletics Coupons Review Workout


Midline, 3 Pieces for $39.95, VIP Member Price

Or, if you need fabrics and patterns that are favored in more mellow workouts like meditation, you can opt for toned-down styles like this:



Goddess, 2 Pieces for $39.95, VIP Member Price

I love the large selection of soft-toned colors that they carry. Plus, you can accessorize your outfit with necessary essentials and still look fabulous! A lot of their models wear these adorable headbands:

Fabletics Coupons Sweatband


These hot sweatbands sell for only $3.95 to VIP Members! They are also available in three different color selections: teal, yellow, and bright aqua!

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