Enter the Maggie Bag Giveaway to Win a Rainbow Tote Bag

posted on April 9, 2014 at 11:16 am


As Moms we know your purse goes through so much! Sometimes our purses don’t really keep up with the busy life we lead as moms! What better handbag to have than a Maggie Bag! They are so durable and super cute! Enter their amazing giveaway they have right now for your chance to WIN a Rainbow Tote Bag! You never know you could be the winner! Enter today!

Rainbow Maggie Bag

From their site: Maggie Bags™ seat belt handbags are made using automotive seat belt webbing built to meet government safety standards to protect you in your car. Due to these high standards, millions of yards of seat belt material are rejected by automakers each year. Maggie Bags™ uses as much of this rejected material as possible in our seat belt purses and seat belt handbags.  Availability of rejected seat belt webbing can vary greatly therefore some must be purchased new to meet the growing demand for our unique and stylish seat belt handbags. However, our commitment to use repurposed material whenever possible remains steadfast.

The Maggie Bags™ team is continually looking for creative ways to do our part for the environment.  We are proud that the construction of our handbags is a simple cut-and-sew operation. This helps to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing new materials and eliminates the need for typical recycling processes that consume large amounts of energy and other resources.

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