Enjoy Some Outdoor Fun with Toys R Us!

posted on May 4, 2014 at 8:41 am

Summer is coming up quickly and what better way to celebrate than to find a new activity to do outdoors? If you are looking for some outdoor fun at Toys R Us, then you are looking in the right place! Whether you have small kids or big kids, you will have a lot of options to choose from for different activities. Toys R Us actually has items for adults to help better enjoy the outdoors as well! Womens bike are actually on sale for 25% off this week at Toys R Us!

Toys R Us has a great assortment of beach-friendly toys and games. Or, you can bring the beach to your own backyard with a sandbox or sand and water activity combination set.

You can also find some of the latest and greatest outdoor furniture, pools, kiddie pools, squirt guns, and more! They have bikes for everyone and also a nice selection of protective gear including: helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, etc.

If you are ready to start looking for some outdoor fun with Toys R Us, you can check out some of our favorite items that they have available here:


1. Step 2 All-Star Sports Climber for $79.99 (Original $99.99)

Toys R Us Outdoor Play Step2


All Step2 climbers and bouncers are on sale this week at Toys R Us! Take advantage of this deal with this fun sports climber for the little ones! They’ll have fun practicing their basketball skills and learning how to climb with an easy-climb ladder. Plus, what kid doesn’t like slides?! This is a great starting outdoor activity set to help encourage your child to get out and enjoy the fresh air! The weight limit for this toy is 60 pounds.


2. Sizzlin Cool Beach Wagon for $12.99

Enjoy Outdoors Toys R Us Sand


If you are planning a trip to the beach this year with little ones, this convenient wagon would be perfect to tote their play necessities around in! They can pull their favorite shovels, buckets, and toys to make sand castles. This would also be perfect to take along when gathering seashells!


3. Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Pirate Ship for $79.99

toys r us outdoor anchors away sand


With so much to do, your child won’t have a chance to become bored with this water activity set. Splashing around with this nautical pirate ship would be perfect on a hot summer day! With a constant flow water fountain, buckets that dump water, and a cannon to squirt water, your son or daughters’ imagination can run freely!


4. Step2 Crabbie Sandbox for $49.99

toys r us outdoor fun crabby sandbox


This red crabby sandbox would provide an endless amount of fun for your little ones! From building sand castles to driving trucks, your child could be content with using their imagination for hours. This sandbox is built with two seats- one on top of each claw. It also comes with a lid to protect it from rain, storms, and any other debris that may fly into it.


5. Fun Ride Deluxe Classic Zip Line for $109.99

toys r us outdoors zip line

As a mom, this made my heart sink for a moment when I saw this! If you have the perfect spot for a child-sized zip line in your yard and also nerves of steel, your child may get to experience this fun outdoor toy. Your child could have hours of fun in the backyard with 35 feet of cable to glide around on!


6. Y Flicker J2 Junior Scooter by Yvolution in Pink for $44.99 (Original $49.99)

toys r us outdoor fun pink scooter


Your child is sure to love this innovative three-wheeled scooter! It’s been designed to help early learners’ with balance and to scoot easily. They also use their hips to wiggle, which provides them the ability to glide around steadily, all while having a blast! This is a kid-powdered and self-propelled scooter.

7. Step 2 Sit and Play Jr. Picnic Table with Umbrella for $49.99

toys r us outdoor fun picnic table step 2


Let your kids enjoy a picnic outside with their very own Step2 picnic table. Complete with an umbrella, this table will block harmful rays from the sun and keep kids cool while snacking on their favorite foods! It would be perfect for any outdoor parties so that the kids can have a special spot to dine at r great for almost any daily use!

8. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set for $29.99 (Original $39.99)

toys r us outdoor fun basketball hoop


This basketball hoop set makes it fun and rewarding for little ones that are testing out basketball for the first time. Or, maybe they are a naturally-born basketball pro! Either way, this set from Toys R Us is sure to provide long-lasting hours of outdoor fun!

9. Cloud Pleaser Kite for $12.99

toys r us outdoor fun new kites


These bright colors in this new butterfly kite would definitely be a crowd-pleaser! Toys R Us has a lot of fun outdoor kites for kids that are of some of the most creative designs! I love the psychadelic colors and would love to see this one soar around on a windy day! Kites can bring a lot of joy and entertainment for many kids and adults! Flying kites is a great activity for the whole family.

10.  Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Collection, Blossom Bright Tote Set for $14.99

toys r us outdoor fun melissa doug


Melissa & Doug are the creators of this bright colored gardener-lovers’ set. Included in this summery gardening bag is a trowel, spray bottle, and a cultivator. This would be a perfect starting kit for any child born with a green thumb or one that just loves tending to flowers or gardens!

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