Don’t Throw Those Away! 17 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

posted on May 16, 2014 at 3:37 am

When you’re done with the roll of toilet paper, you usually just toss it in the trash, right?

Well, did you know you’re actually throwing away a treasured craft tool?

The ancient art of toilet paper roll crafts has probably been around since toilet paper rolls were invented, I don’t really know. Either way, the crafty trend is here now, and it’s not going anywhere. This seemingly innocuous tube of cardboard might seem useless to you at first. But after you are finished reading this article, you will know exactly how amazing it can be. With just a little modification, the toilet paper roll can be used to make wall art, castles, jewelry, and whatever else your heart may desire. Without further ado, here are some of the coolest projects you can make out of toilet paper rolls.


1. Bird Feeder

toilet paper roll crafts

The birds and your kids will love this simple craft. Make an afternoon of bird watching, because this tasty seed treat will be sure to have all the birdies flocking over.


2. Cute Owl Family

toilet paper roll crafts

Don’t have any birds coming to your bird feeder? That’s ok, because you can make your own. This adorable owl family takes just a few minutes to make, and they won’t poop everywhere like real birds.


3. Pencil Holder

toilet paper roll crafts

Instead of just leaving all your pencils and crayons in a disorganized heap in some drawer, keep them together with these color-coordinated pencil holders!


4. Heart Wall Art

toilet paper roll crafts

Looking to spruce up an empty wall? These hanging hearts are just divine! Plus, they make a perfect Valentine’s Day decoration


5. Little Monsters

toilet paper roll crafts

Monster attack! Your child can create a whole underworld of dodgy creatures. Encourage them to express their creativity, and then have a war of the villains when they are finished.


6. Coiled Snake

toilet paper roll crafts

Beware of cobra strike… these coiled snakes look as though they could attack at any moment! The best part is the googly eyes, it makes them look so silly.


7. Beautiful Flowers

toilet paper roll crafts

Who knew something as mundane as a toilet paper roll could end up looking so beautiful? These delicate flowers take a little more effort, but as you can see the results are worth it.


8. Iron Gate

toilet paper roll crafts

Speaking of effort… no, that is no a real iron gate. That is a gate made of toilet paper rolls. It seems daunting, I know. But look at what you can create! It’s stunning!


9. Cuff Bracelet

toilet paper roll crafts

If the last two were too much effort for you, try this more simple cuff bracelet. You can decorate it any way you want, and it makes a great activity for a child’s birthday party.


10. Decorative Wreath

toilet paper roll crafts

Tired of buying overpriced wreaths for every holiday? Just try making your own! It’s really quite simple, and almost looks like a bouquet of white roses. No one will be able to tell what the original material was.


11. Advent Calendar

toilet paper roll crafts

If you don’t participate in Advent, try using this project as a “thankful” calendar. Each day, write down something you are thankful for, and put it into one of the mini envelopes.


12. The King’s Castle

toilet paper roll crafts

Children who dream of being a prince or princess will love this royal castle toilet paper roll craft. They can role play with their very own king, queen, and royal court in their own made-up kingdom.


13. Spring Butterflies

toilet paper roll crafts

This toilet paper roll craft just looks so fun. These cute butterflies are colorful and happy, and make perfect decorations for spring or summer.


14. Dripping Candles

toilet paper roll crafts

How creepy… and awesome at the same time! Who would have thought a toilet paper roll could have made a candle? As you can see, the results are stunning.


15. Faux Metal Wall Art

toilet paper roll crafts

Looking to spruce up your decor? There’s no need to go shopping for expensive accent pieces when you can make your own! It’s hard to tell even from the closeup that this is a toilet paper roll.


16. Space Shuttle

toilet paper roll crafts

Blast off to a new world with this fun little space shuttles! The Hershey kiss on top makes the whole thing worthwhile. Indulge in your chocolate while your kids jet into space.


17. Old Twisted Tree

toilet paper roll crafts

How cool is this? This gnarled tree looks like a piece of artwork. It’s great as a backdrop for playtime or even as an addition to an earth-themed room.


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