Cuteness Alert: This Loving Golden Retriever Adopts a Poor, Abandoned Kitten!

posted on April 14, 2014 at 8:28 am

Anytime dogs and cats can get along is a happy time. It’s even more happy when they become a family together!

Cute little kitten Ichimi was rejected by her mother after birth. All seemed lost and dreary until Ponzu the dog came along. It was love at first sight.

Golden Retriever Adopts Kitten

Ponzu was previously best buds with another family cat, but sadly that feline passed away, leaving him brokenhearted.

golden retriever adopts kitten

Luckily, baby Ichimi was there to comfort him! Who couldn’t love that squishy little face? D’awww!

golden retriever adopts kitten

The two love to be cuddle buddies! They often take cat naps together.

golden retriever adopts cat

Or dog naps, depending on how you look at it.

golden retriever adopts kitten

Either way, a lot of napping is going down, and it is all adorable.

golden retriever adopts kitten

Seriously, we weren’t kidding! Napping is basically the number one priority for a kitten… well, maybe it’s a close second behind being unbearably cute.

golden retriever adopts kitten

Ok, Ponzu can’t sleep all day, so when he’s awake, he keeps a watch to make sure his little friend is safe and secure.

dog adopts kitten

As Ichimi gets older, she develops more of the typical curious cat personality. Ponzu helps to keep her in line so she doesn’t get in too much trouble.

dog adopts kitten

Sometimes Ponzu gets more than he bargained for. But he takes it like a champ and is never too mean to his companion!

dog adopts kitten

Nowadays, Ichimi is getting bigger, but Ponzu still embraces his role as foster daddy. If you’d like to follow their continued adventure, just follow them on Instagram!

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