Carter’s Babies: The Toddler Years

posted on April 16, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Let’s face it, toddlers are a busy bunch. With their new found freedom they are constantly on the move and they touch everything they can get their tiny little hands on. As mothers we can find ourselves doing several wardrobe changes a day for our little explorers. This is made slightly more challenging since they desperately want to do everything for themselves. Lucky for us, Carter’s is always thinking about ease of use and our toddler’s development when they design their clothing lines. Plus, they do this without sacrificing style, always making sure our kiddos are little fashionistas.

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Carter's Babies: The Toddler Years

As you are browsing these styles of the Season from Carter’s, you can have the confidence that each garment is helping your children learn and grow. The Raising Children Network points out that just getting dressed is helping your child with the following skills:

  • Fine motor skills as they learn to fasten buttons and zips
  • Gross motor skills as they stand on one leg to pull on a pair of pants
  • Cognitive skills as they remember what bits of clothing go on first, and builds the patience and attention to finish the task
  • Language as she names types of clothes, colours and sizes
  • Awareness of time and space as they learn to dress for certain occasions and weather conditions

1. The Hottest New Arrivals!

Beach Bound for Boys

The shirt: Soft and comfy for him, protective for Mom’s piece of mind. This adorable short-sleeve crab rash guard shirt has UPF +50 sun protection.

The swim trunks: These have a mock drawstring so the look like big boy shorts but really they are designed to be easy to pull up with their easy-on, no-pinch elastic waist.

The flip flops: Who isn’t thankful for elastic backs? The design on these matching flip flops makes it easy for your toddler to slip ‘em on by themselves and they are much easier to walk in than the traditional flip flop because they don’t slide off your little one’s feet.



Island Time Sweetie for Girls

The shirt: The short-sleeve top with square neck is made of woven cotton which makes it easy to pull on and off and is super comfy to wear.

The shorts: Well, hello Summer! These adorable print shorts have a mock fly and pockets and are made with an elastic waist for easy on and off.

The slip on sandals: The cute jelly bow and contrast lining make these a fashion statement with an elastic back for easy on and off.




Buttons, snaps and zippers, while exciting are a bit beyond your toddler’s expertise at the moment. Start with elastic-waistband designs and help them by stepping in one leg at a time. Offer your hand or shoulders for balance. Practice makes perfect so while it may be harder to pull up versus pull down, have patience and let them do it over and over until they get it right. And then celebrate with a great big hug!



Your toddler loves to stomp around the house in your shoes because they are easy to get on and off. Around 22 months, it’s time to let your little one put on their own shoes, at least partway. What to Expect has some great advice for shoe newbies:

  1. First, show them how you slip on your own shoes.
  2. When it’s their turn, encourage them to scrunch up their toes to help ease their foot farther into the shoe.
  3. Pull the elastic back up to complete the Cinderella moment.
  4. Once they are around 3 years old, they should be able to do it without any assistance at all.


2. Lightweight Hoodies

A lightweight hoodie is an essential layering piece for your toddler’s spring/summer wardrobe. Make sure to get one with a zipper so your toddler can learn to dress themselves.

Girls Hoodie


Boys Hoodie



With your toddler’s growing fine-motor capabilities a zipper is a fun and achievable first step in the dress-yourself routine. Here are some zip tips from What to Expect:

  1. Unzipping is actually easier to master than zipping up, so start there, around 22 months.
  2. Practice with their new Carter’s hoodie and tie a short piece of yarn to the smaller metal zipper handle so it is easy for them to see and maneuver.
  3. The drill should begin with you zipping up and them zipping down.
  4. At around 33 months, help her give zipping up a go by fitting the two sides in place at the bottom. Then pretend the zipper is a car on the road – she’s the driver and it’s her job to get the car to the top!

3. Spring Showers Rain Jackets

Hooded Frog Rain Jacket for her

This fully-lined, snap-front polka dot rain jacket is an adorable way to stay dry. The cute contrast snaps make for easy-on and easy-off.


Lightweight Utility Jacket for him

This fully-lined, zip-front jacket has a snap placket and has a bright jersey lining for comfort.



Snapping solo isn’t an easy task. Around the four-year mark they might be ready for this. The good news is the snaps make a fun sound so your little one will be excited to practice getting the snaps lined up and hearing the “click” sound of success. When first introducing your toddler to snaps look for big snaps so their hands have lots of surface area to push against.

4. Toddler Undies

Days of the Week Underwear for her

These adorable striped, easy-to-pull underwear have the added bonus of starting to teach your toddler Monday through Sunday. She will be excited to get dressed each day starting with the right pair of underwear!


7 Pack Cotton Briefs for him

Girls aren’t the only ones who can have cool undergarments for every day of the week. These no scratch, tag free underwear with their cool colors (and don’t forget helicopters and race cars) are perfect for your little growing boy. 7 pack underwear for him


One of the best parts of potty training your toddler is getting them excited about wearing “big girl pants” or “big boy pants.” Have them participate in the process of picking out their underwear every day, which will just reinforce that these pieces are part of their clothing and that diapers are a thing of the past. Tell her how proud you are that she went all day as a big girl in her Thursday underwear. And tell him how proud you are that he went all day as a big boy in his helicopter underwear.


5. Comfy Pajamas

For safety reasons, toddler Pjs should be a little snug but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be easy to get on and off. Carter’s has designed the most adorable Spring sets which add comfort for our little ones as they drift off to slumber land.

3-Piece Jersey Pjs for her

It doesn’t get much cuter than this flutter-sleeve set with matching shorts and long pants to change out depending on the temperature. The soft jersey materials and elastic waistband makes it simple for her to get ready for bed.


4-Piece Snug Fit Cotton Pjs for him

This adorable mix-and-match whale pj set gives him options on what to wear to bed tonight. The bottoms feature a no-pinch, comfort elastic waistband for easy on and easy off. The soft cotton materials will make him comfy enough to get his zzzzz’s.


6. Accessorize!!!

2-Pack Satin Headbands for her

If you have a toddler girl, it’s a safe bet that she has already wanted to do her own hair. They love to brush it, blow it dry, and decorate it with bows and hair ties. But those tiny hands have trouble with little accessories which is why headbands come in handy. They are easy to get in and the headbands by Carter’s are covered in satin with no-pinch ends so your little one can get them in with ease and wear them all day.


Reversible Sun and Swim Hat for him

Girls aren’t the only ones that can accessorize! Carter’s has the most adorable selection of sun and swim hats that can be reversed to match different outfits. He will think it’s super cool to wear his hat and the added bonus is that it has UPF +50 sun protection for safety.



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