The Best Father’s Day Cook Out

posted on May 12, 2014 at 2:23 am

You want everything to go perfect on your dad’s day. It’s the one time of the year when you finally get to pay him back for being an awesome father… so if you mess things up, you’ll basically be the worst daughter/wife of all time.

So what better way to celebrate than by having a cook out? Chances are that Dad loves to grill. Plus, it’s finally summer, which means the weather should be hot and sunny!

We’ve got all the info you need to plan the best Father’s Day cook out. Don’t let Dad down this year!



Most dads loves meat… so give him what he likes. Be sure to pair all of these delicious foods with a fine beer or glass of whisky… whichever your dad prefers!

1. Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs

best father's day cookout

This is the manly version of chicken. Perfect for dads who just want their meat on a stick without all the fluff and extras.


2. Grilled Corn on the Cob

best father's day cook out

If you’re really gonna force Dad to eat VEGETABLES on Father’s Day… then serve him this delicious grilled corn on the cob. We doubt he’ll have any complaints.


3. Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches

best father's day cookout

What an interesting take on a classic dish! Dad will love the root beer flavor, and it helps keep the meat super moist so it melts in your mouth.


4. Beer and Bison Burger

best father's day cook out

Not your ordinary hamburger, this is definitely an indulgent meaty treat that is perfect for a Father’s Day cookout! Plus there’s bonus recipes for Bacon and Egg Potato Salad.


5. Spice-Rubbed Grilled Rib Steak

best father's day cook out

These are all good recipes. However, let’s face it… all Dad is really going to want is STEAK. There are plenty of good ways to cook your steak, but here’s a quality recipe that uses a bit of spice.



Dad probably won’t admit to caring about how his party looks, but you know he will be judging the decorations on the inside. Make sure he isn’t disappointed.

1. Tie Banner

best father's day cook out

This banner is easy to make yourself using the cutouts provided by the site. It involves a little cutting and gluing, but Dad will appreciate your hard work.


2. Beer Bottle Lights

best father's day cook out

Think how good these lights will look draped around your deck! Dad will want to leave them there all year round!


3. Chocolate Gears

best father's day cook out

Did this picture fool you for a second? It’s actually chocolate! These will look great sitting in dishes around the party – but keep a look out to make sure the summer heat doesn’t melt them.


4. Moustache Dinner Plates

best father's day cook out

These cute plates take a humorous look at manliness. Plus, they’re much better than having to do dishes after you eat!


5. Sports Cocktail Napkins

father's day cookout

Choose your dad’s favorite sports team and get these customizable napkins just in time for Father’s Day. They are washable and reusable for Dad’s next big occasion!



We know you’re going to rock this party, but here are some great things to keep in mind before the big cookout.

1. Have Dessert

best father's day cookout

Just because it’s a meat-filled cookout doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have anything sugary on hand. After Dad is done having the meat sweats, he will need something a little sweet to lighten his palette. Our number one Father’s Day dessert? Chocolate covered bacon.


2. Have a Fun Beverage

best father's day cookout

Even if your dad does love beer, it gets kind of boring after a while. Have an alternative drink on hand, and make sure it’s something he doesn’t get to have every day. The Old-Fashioned is a nice choice, as it combines Bourbon, bitters, and club soda.


3. Don’t Plan the Party During the Big Game

father's day cookout

Father’s Day is in June, which is right around the end of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Please don’t plan the cookout during Game 7. Please.


4. Make Food for the Kids

father's day cookout

It’s probably not good for the kids to eat copious amounts of meat, nor will they probably want to. Remember to have a backup meal for them, like this bacon macaroni and cheese sandwich.


5. Plan One Party for Two Dads

best father's day cookout

If your dad has a best bud, you might as well team up with his family to throw one big party. It will save you money, and Dad will be glad to have a fellow pal to share the attention with.


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