Babies “R” Us Mobile Coupons For Moms

posted on April 24, 2014 at 7:19 pm

When we become parents, it can seem like you never have enough of what your little one needs. Sure, you receive a good amount of diapers and wipes during your baby shower, but trust me when I say that those do not last long when you have a newborn! Not to mention the other various items your little one will be needing like formula (if you’re not breastfeeding,) pacifiers, bottles, and of course clothing, because our little loves grow fast. We need all of the help that we can get when it comes to shopping for those items. Savings certificates, rebates, coupons, anything to save some money, because let’s face it, raising a child is expensive.

But in this day and age, with all of our time being focused on our children, clipping coupons isn’t really a realistic way to save money or time. The minute that we sit down to clip, the kids will be over, grabbing them as we sort and pretending the coupons are confetti. There is a solution, though, mobile coupons. With the amazing technology of our ever-improving smartphones, we are able to pull up the coupons that we need in order to shop for what we need without breaking the bank. Sometimes, we can can even score a freebie or two!

The baby retail-giant that is Babies R Us is one of our favorite places to shop as parents. They’re always running special deals, and sending coupons and now and again even a free item for shopping in their stores.

There are a wide array of websites that can help you find Babies “R” Us mobile coupons for your next shopping trip. You’re even able to narrow it down to the items that you need, the store that you’re shopping at, how much you’re looking to save, and more. We’re going to share with you our favorite websites to find mobile coupons, deals and lots more!

1. Babies “R” Us Deals & Alerts

Babies R Us Mobile Coupon and Deals Alerts

While the family of “R” Us companies offer a variety of different applications for your phone that let you access your registry, scan items, read customer reviews, and watch videos, there do not seem to be any specific apps for just coupons and deals. However, you can sign up for their “R” Mobile Deals and Alerts, where they will send you messages, as well as electronics and entertainment deals, all delivered right to your phone.


2. RetailMeNot Mobile App

RetailMeNot Mobile App

RetailMeNot has long been a staple for online shoppers everywhere. Since 2006, RMN has been the leading website for shoppers to visit for promotional codes, savings vouchers, and boasts an extensive library of savings for every shopping website imaginable. In addition to the main RMN website, the company has expanded into helping shoppers in other countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, France and more with their large family of savings websites.

Their mobile couponing application is available on both iTunes and Google Play and offers you access to thousands of coupons in the palm of your hand. You’re able to search for the coupons that you want, view their Today’s Hot Deals, browse their categorical directory or view their trending deals! Their website boasts a large collection of the latest Babies “R” Us mobile coupons and deals, so they’re definitely worth giving a try to score some great savings!

Retail Me Not Main Website

While the above screenshot is one of the main RetailMeNot website, you will have nearly the same experience on the mobile application. You are able to sort the amazing array of deals they have by coupons, promotional codes, sales and even printables. You are also able to view how much success each person has had with that specific coupon or promotional code, whether they are verified or not, and much more.

3. DealsPlus Mobile Application

DealsPlus Mobile App

When you visit the DealsPlus main website, it allows you to search for any type of coupon or deal, even allowing you to narrow your search down to category, location and more. Like RetailMeNot, they also offer a wide variety of daily deals. Using their search function, you can narrow down the best Babies “R” Us deals available for that day. Sorting is available between “Best Match” and “Most Recent,” making your search that much easier!

But the even better news? The Deals Plus mobile application is now available for free on the iTunes App Store! It allows downloadable coupons relevant to your locale, the ability to discover brand new items, all while possessing all of the power and functionality of their main website.

4. Mobile App Mobile App

Not only does the mobile application offer you the power functionality of the main website, but it also offers you the amazing opportunity to add coupons and offers directly to your credit or debit cards, saving you money and time when you use that card to pay for your purchases. You are also able to store both pharmacy and grocery loyalty cards on their application, saving you the time of looking through the cards on your key rings while you’re at the register.

Available for both iOS and Android operating systems, the mobile application offers a unique user experience featuring clean and easy navigation for finding coupons from your favorite stores with ease. You will be able to enjoy searching for the best deals from Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us with ease. Once you find the offers that you like, you can link them up and then you are ready to go shopping!

5. SnipSnap Coupon App

SnipSnap Coupon App

Let’s take a moment and revisit the old days of couponing. Grabbing the Sunday newspaper from the front porch, laying it all out on the table, ready with your scissors to clip any coupon that you may use. Then comes the problem of storing all of those coupons. I mean, our purses are only so big, right?

Snip Snap It

SnipSnap makes this process a thousand times easier. For an example, say you receive an exclusive coupon from Babies “R” Us in the mail. It’s a really great deal, but you’re certain that you’re going to forget this coupon when you get around to shopping there. So what can you do? Clip that coupon, snap a photo of it with SnipSnap, and their application will automatically recognize all of the information on the coupon, including terms and expiration dates, and stores it in your phone. Their application will even send you an automatic reminder when the expiry date is getting close, to make certain that you won’t lose out on that awesome deal! You’ll never have to haul all of those coupons around in your purse again! So ultimately, this applications turns that paper coupon into a Babies “R” Us mobile coupon, instead! Kind of neat, right?

5. Shopkick Mobile Rewards App

Shopkick Mobile Rewards App

ShopKick is a unique mobile application based on a rewards system, and a fun one at that! Used by many large retail stores, Shopkick offers their users a fun and streamlined experience to earn “kicks,” their form of rewards, just for walking into a store. The “R” Us chain of stores does appear in the Shopkick directory of stores. The best part is, that even after walking in and receiving your “kicks,” you can earn even more by scanning items while you are in-store, and while you’re making purchases. Once you accrue enough “kicks,” you can trade them in for a gift card that you can use on a future purchase order.

6. Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa Mobile Couponing App

Coupon Sherpa prides themselves on being the “First in mobile coupons.” Unlike other mobile coupon applications, both their application and their website allow you to search through the latest Babies “R” Us mobile coupons, as well as many other retailers with deals in and around your local area. Another great feature we see in their app is the ability to “favorite” the stores that you love to shop at, and they will show you the best deals and coupons using that information when you log in. Their application is available for both Android and iTunes.

7. Yowza Coupon Application

Yowza Coupon Application

While Yowza may seem like a silly name for a coupon application, make no mistake. This app means business. A location based coupon finder, it will help you to find your local Babies “R” Us stores, and then show you the latest deals, sales and any mobile coupons that may be available to you. A fun feature they offer is “push notifications,”  where the application will automatically alert you when any new coupons become available at your favorite stores, so you can be one of the first to snag the hottest new deals! They even track how much money you have saved over time, so you can see just how great those mobile coupons are! Their application is available on their website, for both iTunes and Android.


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