Jennifer Corter

Hack Your Body: 22 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

There is one thing every person dreads when they are dieting and trying to lose weight: the dreaded “plateau,” that in-between stage after you’ve shed about 15-20 pounds, and then all of a sudden, it stops. But you can outsmart your body by jacking up your metabolism which will give… Read More»

Photographic Proof That Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

These photos are irrefutable evidence that the puppies that we know and love are loyal and faithful friends, right from the beginning. 1. “What Is This Most Magnificent Creature?”   2. “They’re So Fuzzy!” 3. “Well Hellooo There!”   4. Om Nom Nom Nom   5. Apathetic Baby Is Apathetic… Read More»

Babies “R” Us Mobile Coupons For Moms

When we become parents, it can seem like you never have enough of what your little one needs. Sure, you receive a good amount of diapers and wipes during your baby shower, but trust me when I say that those do not last long when you have a newborn! Not to… Read More»

20 Creative Ideas For Easter Eggs

Ah, the sounds of the birds singing their sweet songs, the bright and colorful blooms beginning to peek up out of the soil, and the unmistakable scent of the springtime air rolling in. There is no mistaking that a new season is finally here! That means that Easter is on… Read More»