Android Apps for Families: Our Top 15 Faves

posted on April 13, 2014 at 2:43 pm

apps, Android apps for families
Android apps for families

From starting those happy mornings to getting a perfect balance throughout the day, we moms have amazing ways to make our families happier. And yes, android apps have made all this really easy! But isn’t it quite a hassle to choose the best, most useful apps from thousands of other apps? It definitely is. And here’s what we have got: some really amazing apps for you and your entire family! Watch out, even your kids will love these!

Android Apps for Moms

Nothing can be better than enjoying the beautiful motherhood. However, being a 24/7 active mom and getting the home organized can sometimes require more of your time and energy. Therefore, we have something you deserve the most – the best android apps that will help you make all of this really easy, exciting, and fun! So, when you want to hit the gym after all that important work, you can do this conveniently. So, here you go:

1. Web MD


mediical app, medical information app
Web MD

If you are curious enough to find answers to different health concerns, then this is something designed specifically for you. Web MD includes everything you need to know about health and fitness. In short, the app will do the following for you:

  • It checks symptoms
  • It provides valuable information about medical conditions and their treatments
  • It enables you to find health providers
  • It stores first-aid tips on your phone. You will have access to this even if you do not have internet connection.

Guess what? All of this is for free!

2. Meal Plans – Food on the Table

shopping app, menu app, meal planning
Meal Plans – Food on the Table

Planning what to eat is fun. But daily? Let’s face this: Not that much indeed! However, you have got to have this marvelous app that will help you out with this. Meal Plans – Food on the Table does not only inform you what items are on sale at your particular local store, but also suggests you meals that can be prepared from those items. The app gives these recommended meals for the entire week. Suggestions are made according to your food preferences.

Once you have decided the menu from the suggestions, this incredible app builds a customized shopping list for you. You can either view this from your Android phone or can print it too.

3. RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

comparison shopping, barcode app
RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

Looking for apps to shop at the best price? Try RedLaser! As a price comparison app, it will help you check prices of the products you want to buy. Just scan the barcode of a product, and the app will do its job: it will check and compare prices of similar products that are available online and in nearby retail stores.

In addition, you can use this app to check if your favorite book is there in your library, and read useful reviews related to games and electronics. We should admit it: bargain shopping has never been so convenient!

4. Trip Journal

trip app, travel app, traveling app
Trip Journal

What’s more interesting than taking pictures on a trip and sharing them with family and friends?! Trip Journal has made this even more exciting for all travel lovers. Using GPS, it tracks the route of your trip while plotting it on the map. As you add photos, text, and video of the entire trip, the app saves it accordingly by integrating with Google Earth. This way, you can share all these memories through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Picasa.

Android Apps for Dads

Has your hubby made the best use of his Android yet? Perhaps, he has been too workaholic these days and the kids are missing his story telling! It’s time to help the dear dad with everything he needs to have in his iPhone or Android tablet. Go on and surprise him with these awesome apps that will help him take out some family time too:

5. Cliffhanger

TV show app

You want to enjoy the family day out today but he just can’t miss his favorite TV show. Cliffhanger has the solution! This smart app will enable him to input his favorite shows in it. It will notify the updated schedule of the marked TV shows so that he does not miss any of the episodes!

he does not miss any of the episodes!

6. Ruffl

resturant app, restaurant locator

Can’t decide which restaurant you should head to when there are so many? Assign this task to your sweetie! When choices are endless, Ruffl will make it easier for him to choose a restaurant that is suitable for the entire family. This app suggests different nearby places. Once you have chosen a restaurant, Ruffl will provide you information on how to reach there.

7. Weye Feye

Camera app
Weye Feye

Who wants to take the hassle of importing and exporting photos when there is an easy way out? Yes, we are talking about Weye Feye, a great app for all your clicking needs. It lets you use your cam conveniently, while enabling you to snap shots, alter setting, save photos directly on your smartphone, and what not! All you need is an additional kit.

8. Cozi Family Organizer

family organizer app
Cozi Family Organizer

This is an extraordinarily smart app for families who are always on the go. So, when you need to remind him about some urgent and important tasks you will be doing together with kids, such as, kids’ shopping, etc., you can share all the to-do lists easily with the help of Cozi Family Organizer. Simply put, it is just like a family journal on your smartphone that helps you save a lot of time each day.

Android Apps for Elementary-Aged Kids

Who said kids’ apps comprise of arcade games only?

Who said kids’ apps comprise of arcade games only? It may be that your elementary-aged kids can learn the most from some of the most creative apps. Since kids from this age group are required to build their social and intellectual skills, some apps can help them with this! Here is how:

9. Pretty Fabulous Fashion Activity

apps for little girls
Pretty Fabulous Fashion Activity

We bet that your fashionista elementary-aged daughter will simply love this: an app that gives her everything from fashion puzzles to fashion designing activities to a creative dressing sense! Packed with options to think of different modest clothing and jewelry designs, this is an ideal app for young girls that will boost their creative, interactive, and confidence skills.

10. Epic! Books for Kids

books for kids, kids app, kids' app
Epic! Books for Kids

What’s better than developing strong reading habit in your child? This highly rated app, Epic! Books for Kids has played its role really well here. What makes it outstanding is that it contains personalized library of books for each kid. So, if you want to use this app for two or more school-going kids, you don’t need to download a separate app into each android device. The app makes this possible by giving you an option to make up to 4 profiles. This way, each child is able to get access to his/her personalized library of books depending on their age-specific choices.

It is available for a free trail of one month followed by a monthly subscription. After all, it’s an entire library for all your kids at your fingertip!

11. USA – Illustrated Atlas

atlas app, illustrated atlas app
USA – Illustrated Atlas

If you want to give your kids some memory challenge, then help them learn about the USA geography with the help of this intellectual app. Simply put, USA – Illustrated Atlas is more than just a games app. It provides them endless ways of learning with its 5 interactive maps that focus on different facts about USA such as, largest cities, longest rivers, highest mountains, capitals and states, detailed facts about all states, some narrated summaries, memory-boosting games, and collectable stars.

12. Brainfeed

animals videos, educational videos for kids

Brainfeed is really food for your kids’ brain! Now, having them sit with you in front of the television to watch documentaries of animals, oceans, and inventions is not complicated at all because of this educational app. It is full of various informative videos your kids will enjoy the most. Some of the main topics include brain and dreaming too. To keep kids engaged in learning, these videos have clear audio which is also accompanied with music or narration.

Android Apps for Your Toddler

If you had presented your little one with an android tablet on his last birthday, then it’s time to help him choose the best apps designed for toddlers. Don’t worry about the pre-schooling routine! The following apps will help your child prepare well with the numbers, letters, and some really cute games:

13. Count up to 10

apps for toddlers, toddlers apps
Count up to 10

Are you wondering how to prepare your little one for pre-school? Don’t worry because this adorable app can do the job well! Designed specifically for toddlers, it offers them a variety of mini games through which they can learn various important skills. The app lets them interact with cute characters while helping them count the correct number of penguins, fish, elephants, etc.

14. Peekaboo Barn

kids' apps, toddlers' apps
Peekaboo Barn

This cute app is available with new animations and in an updated form. As the app opens, your little one will see a bouncing barn from which the friendly animals pop out, surprising him/her. Children will love to open the doors of the barn to see what happens next! This way, they will be able to learn animals’ names and sounds. This app is a must-have as it lets your child develop literacy skills even before pre-schooling.

15. Potato Head Color

kids' coloring book app, color app
Potato Head Color

Younger kids just love coloring books. So why not give them your smartphone when you are busy and want to keep the kids occupied? Potato Head Color gives you this option! By providing coloring pages, this wonderful app will let the toddlers enhance their imaginative skills by choosing to paint with their favorite colors.

Now that you know about these incredible Android apps for families, it’s time to download all of them now, and do even the little things flawlessly while sharing the family fun!


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