9 Reasons Why Grocery Shopping with Your Kids is the Worst

posted on April 1, 2014 at 9:11 pm

Food is an essential for life, which sadly means that grocery shopping is also an essential for life. As time-consuming and tedious as it is, there’s simply no way around it. It’s even worse when you have to bring your kids along. Not only do you have to try and navigate the crowded aisles while scanning for the best deals, but you have to make sure your children don’t escape or get into trouble. It sucks, and here are some of our favorite reasons why (don’t get too sad, because we have a solution at the end).


1. They make a mess

Grocery shopping with kids

Kids can’t keep their hands off of things. Just because they are in a grocery store doesn’t mean they magically learn self control. Your kids will grab food and put it back in the wrong place. They’ll destroy your cart. They might even poop on the floor… who knows! Point is, kids are messy, and when they go to the grocery store with you, they bring their mess with them.


2. They hide and you can’t find them

Grocery shopping with kids

For children, a grocery store is like a big maze. There are limitless places to explore and adventure. Unfortunately, that usually means that they try to sneak off and hide from you. For some reason, kids think hiding from their mom is a super fun game. This will result in you frantically running around, praying they haven’t been abducted by some crazy person, until you find them giggling behind the doughnut case.


3. They talk to strangers

Grocery Shopping with Kids

No matter how many times you’ve warned your kids that strangers are bad, they still feel the need to engage random people in conversation. This isn’t always a bad thing, as they may bring joy to others with their cuteness. However, they can also say blunt things that are offensive and better left unsaid. By the time you’re ready to leave the store, you could potentially have a line full of enemies waiting to beat you up in the parking lot.


4. They want bad food

Grocery Shopping with kids is the worst

It’s easy to buy food when you’re the only one picking it out. However, when your kids are with you, they will want every random piece of crap on the shelf. Any time they see something colorful, full of sugar, and overpriced, they will pout and cry until you put it in the cart. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you can distract them and stealthily remove it later when they’re not looking. They’ll forget about it by the time they get home, anyway.


5. They get tired

Grocery Shopping with kids

It’s five minutes into your shopping expenditure, and… your child abruptly falls asleep in the cart. Greaaat. Now you have to cart around the snoring load and make sure they don’t flop out of the cart during a dream sequence all while trying to find that brand of coffee you had last time that was really good. Oh, and don’t forget about trying to carry a sleeping toddler with dozens of grocery bags in tow – much fun!


6. They whine

Grocery Shopping with Kids

Mom, I’m hungry! Mom, I want to go home! Mom! Waaahhh! By the end of the shopping experience, you will probably want to scream because of how annoying your children are. They’ll get bored and tired of walking around and probably they’ll have to go to the bathroom at some point. Children are just never satisfied.


7. They make you look like a bad mom

Grocery Shopping with Kids

So you look away for one second, and suddenly your kid is lying on the linoleum because he hit himself in the head with a soup can. Oops… you now look like you deserve the worst mom of the year award. It’s even better when you start reprimanding them for misbehaving and suddenly the whole store is looking at you in disbelief that you could yell at such an innocent creature.


8. They destroy products

Grocery Shopping with Kids

It’s almost guaranteed that when you bring a kid to a grocery store, something is going to end up spilled somewhere. Kids have no conscience, and will begin to unwrap or open things right in the middle of the store. They might take a bite, then they’ll probably discard the remains right on the floor. And you never know when they’ll try playing basketball with the cart.


9. They get you in trouble

Grocery Shopping with Kids

You have perfect little angels that would never do anything wrong… yeah right. Your kids have probably gotten you kicked out of a store on multiple occasions. When it’s from whining, screaming, making a mess, or even shoplifting, they will get the attention of the store manager, who will politely ask you to leave. Which means you’ll just have to come back to the store tomorrow to try shopping all over again…


But wait!

There is a way to avoid going grocery shopping ever again. If this article now has you totally bummed out to hit the store… don’t be, because the alternative is Peapod.

Seriously. This will change your life.

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Delivery does have a small fee, but if you’re tight on money, you can also arrange a free grocery pick-up at the store.

Interested? Intrigued? Check out the Peapod FAQ for some more info or learn more about the company before trying its service.

We know you love your kids and would never want to miss spending time with them…  but save yourself the testing stress of a shopping trip and spend that time at home instead.

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