9 Fun Ways to Use Magnetic Paint

posted on March 15, 2014 at 6:29 am

Magnetic paint, is just like regular paint, expect that it contains tiny specks of iron dust, meant to attract magnetic’s. You can paint over magnetic paint with any color of regular house paint, to match you style and decor.  Which creates so many fun decorating and craft options. Listed below are some great ideas, that you can do yourself.


1. Magnetic Chalk Board



Use magnetic paint to paint around a border or frame, then you can use magnetic’s to hang notes or pictures on the frame. The above example, is a piece of thin wood, painted with chalk paint and the border is painted with magnetic paint, and was then painted light blue. Combing both chalk and magnetic paint like this, not only helps with organization, but it also adds flair to your home decor.

2. Voom Voom



Imagine the hours of fun your kids could have with this one of a kind “race track!” Just paint your child’s wall with magnetic paint, then stencil on your design, a simple google image search can help you with ideas, or you can completely create your own. Then paint over your outline with regular wall paint. Finally, attach small magnet’s to the bottom of small race cars and you’re all set!

3. Organize Your Makeup Counter



Get a large picture frame from the dollar or craft store. Next paint a piece of thin cardboard, or some other thin material that will fit in the frame, with magnetic paint. Next paint over the magnetic paint with whatever color or pattern you desire, don’t forget to paint the frame! Finally, attach magnetic tape, to the back of your cosmetics. That’s it! What a cute and fun way to clean up your bathroom counter!

4. Map Mural



Whether using this fun map in a child’s room to help teach geography or for your personal use to track the places you’ve traveled or would love to travel, this map mural is an interesting addition to any home decor. Pick a wall in your home, where you want your mural to be, paint that space with magnetic paint, let it dry. Then paint over the magnetic paint with your map mural. Then you’re ready to place your magnetic’s!

5. A Fun Way to Entertain and Teach Children



Looking for a fun way to teach your children how spell or count? Pick a wall in your child’s bedroom or play room. Next paint that spot with magnetic paint, then you can either leave the magnetic paint as is, or paint over it will fun colors or designs, and let the fun begin!

6. Magnetic Rocks



Looking for a fun and interesting way to organize your desk or office? Try these “magnetic” rocks. Take a hike on a nice day and pick out the pebbles you want to use or go to the craft store, if nature is not your thing. Coat your rocks with magnetic paint, let dry. Finally stack the rocks in the design you want and hot glue them together. Tada! Your co-workers will be jealous.

7. Accent Your Space



Add a little color and fun to your space, with this simple decorating idea! Paint a magnetic strip on your wall, let dry, then go over that strip with a bright fun color. Now your have an accent feature you can hang picture and artwork from.

8. Create Your Own “Art” Gallery

wall l


This is a fun way to perk up your home. Paint any wall with magnetic paint, let it dry. Then go over the magnetic paint with a color that matches your decor, and tada! You can now hang photos, art work, kids crafts, etc. without needing frames, nails or putting and wholes in your walls.

9. Wall Games

Scrabble Wall Art Picture web


Imagine, family game night on your walls! Paint your walls with magnetic paint, let it dry, then paint over the magnetic paint with any color that works for your room decor, that’s it! You can now play scrabble, tic tac toe or anything else you can think of. When you’re done playing your games, you can either leave your pieces on the walls or take them down and you put up photos or artwork.


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