The 9 Best Hidden Pregnancies on TV

posted on April 14, 2014 at 8:28 am

Don’t you love that moment when you hear your favorite Hollywood actress is pregnant? You feel so excited for the mom-to-be that you just want to give them a hug.

best hidden tv pregnancies

Hold on, CRISIS ALERT! How will that work that into the TV show they star in???

For many actors, getting pregnant might fit well with their characters. However, for other characters, getting pregnant makes absolutely no sense. Luckily, producers, writers, and directors have gotten quite good at hiding baby bellies without destroying the plot of your favorite show. Here are a few of the best real-life pregnancies and how they were handled on the big screen.


1. Kaitlin Olson, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

hidden tv pregnancies

Instead of trying to somehow hide her massive belly, the producers decided to make her character, Sweet Dee, become pregnant as well. This worked well for the plot, since it gave the other characters plenty of amusing moments trying to figure out who the father of the child was. The real zinger? The real-life dad is Rob McElhenney, who plays Mac on the show.


2. Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex in the City

hidden TV pregnancies

Flirty fashionista Carrie Bradshaw would not have dealt well with a pregnancy. Her love of sex, men, and living it up in New York would not have meshed well with a little one. Therefore, the show took advantage of the character’s love of fashion and gave her pieces to wear that elegantly masked her growing belly.


3. Tina Fey, 30 Rock

hidden TV pregnancies

Fey’s character Liz Lemon tried to adopt a baby at one point during the series, and even had a pregnancy scare at one point. So while we don’t think she would have been a terrible mom, the show instead decided to hide her pregnancy by having her wear a lot of big coats.


4. Julie Bowen, Modern Family

hidden tv pregnancies

Julie Bowen was not just pregnant during the filming of the show’s pilot episode – she was pregnant with twins! In order to hide her massive stomach, the show clever placed objects in front of her belly during every shot. She carried laundry baskets, sat with pillows in her lap, and had a lot of concealing shots.


5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seinfeld

hidden tv pregnancies

Julia got pregnant twice during the show’s nine season run. The first time happened during season three, and it was covered up by the cleverly placed prop and baggy clothes. When it happened again in season eight, the show became lackadaisical in their efforts, and Elaine suddenly got a little heavier than usual.


6. Gillian Anderson, The X-Files

hidden tv pregnancies

Instead of finding a way to hide her belly or adding her pregnancy into the show, the writers took a more drastic approach by having her abducted by aliens. This allowed her to be completely absent from the show for two entire episodes without ruining the storyline.


7. Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother

hidden tv pregnancies

The writers of this show are known for their legendary skills… so it should come as no surprise that they found a creative way to mask Alyson Hannigan’s first pregnancy. Her character Lily developed a fondness of hot dog eating competitions, and one day overindulged to leave her hot-dog-filled stomach ready to burst.


8. Courtney Cox, Friends

hidden tv pregnancies

Courtney Cox got pregnant at entirely the wrong time. Her onscreen character had just been diagnosed with infertility, so there was no possible way to compensate for her being pregnant. Therefore, the show just decided to roll with her weight gain, making her wear baggier clothes in an effort to conceal her growth.


9. Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy

hidden tv pregnancies

Doctors are busy people! They don’t have time to be pregnant. Therefore, in order to conceal Ellen’s pregnancy, the writers compensated by having her donate part of her liver to her father, meaning she spent a lot of time in bed and covered up. Thank goodness scrubs are so loose!

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