This 4-Year-Old Fashionista Is Going to Take Over the World One Day

posted on April 2, 2014 at 1:22 pm


Mayhem – The Youngest Fashion Designer 

Don’t believe your eyes? We couldn’t either when we came across this adorable little fashion designer. Nicknamed Mayhem by her mom, she has it all: the dressing sense that goes beyond fashion. This 4-year-old girl is showing the world how innovative paper can be. Aided by her artistic mom Angie, Mayhem is creating beautiful garments made of paper.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

Like every parent trying to capture memories, Angie used to upload photos of her daughter on Instagram. Since Mayhem rocked playing dress up, Angie decided to let her little princess design her own dresses out of paper. And the results?

Fashionable kid
A Dress Mayhem Designed Herself

Mayhem designed this dress herself while Angie wasn’t around. Clearly creativity runs in the family.

As with every great designer, fabrics make the garmet. Mayhem and Angie have used tissue paper, wrapping paper, gift bags, construction paper, and even occasional scarves to get that perfect princess look.

A Dress’s Life: 5 Minutes Only.

They say in fashion one minute you’re in, the next you’re out. Mayhem wears her magical dress for 5 minutes, then her mom helps her carefully deconstruct it. The ladies put all the pieces of paper back into their paper stash. When it’s time to design a new dress, they reuse the same paper, keeping their work eco-friendly and on trend!


Dresses of 2014 Awards – The Recreations

Do you want to see Mayhem mimicking styles of some of the coolest celebrities? Just have a look and you will fall in love:

Kids' fashion
The White Gown

From the pure white color of the gown to its elegant, black stripes, the style is very similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s Christian Dior gown she wore for the Golden Globes. In short, the price tag seems to be the only difference.


The Ralph Lauren Dress

An eye for perfection? This 4-year-old has totally got it. She designed this red-hot dress that matches the Ralph Lauren version to a T.


Kids' fashion
Jay McCarroll’s Special Look

This mother-daughter team doesn’t just do simple. They managed to expertly craft the complexities of Jay McCarroll’s special look. Mayhem completed the picture with perfectly pink headphones given to her by her granny. Coincidentally, this gift was worth it!

Tissue Flowers

Impressed how they’ve followed the same design? Beautifully decorated tissue flowers make this look award-worthy.


The Katy Perry Dress

You’ve got to love Mayhem’s whimsical pose in this music-note dress inspired by the original Katy Perry wore to Grammy Awards.


The Design Studio

kids' fashion
Fashion by Mayhem

Though recycling of all paper dresses has been the mother-daughter norm, this creative duo has come up with something else for these celebrity gowns, a design studio! Angie says it’s a small space where Mayhem’s dresses are displayed on the wall.

What about auctioning them for charity? Angie says she’s excited to display these designer paper dresses at auction if it is for a very special cause.

We wish Angie and Mayhem all the best for their amazing ideas.


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