Does a 3 Year-Old Really Need to Wear Makeup?

posted on April 10, 2014 at 11:03 am

As a kid, you probably remember having slumber parties where everyone gave each other a makeover using your mom’s makeup. It was a really great time and made you feel like a grown up, but probably resulted in a lot of horrifying-looking little girls.

Should little girls wear makeup?

But that’s ok, because it was just a fun activity that you did on a special occasion. It’s not like you left the house with mascara and foundation and lipstick plastered over your face when you were three years old.

Unfortunately though, it seems that is what the world is coming to these days. The makeup company Luna Star has come out with a new line of products called Luna Star Naturals. It’s a healthy set of makeup that is made using clean, natural ingredients without extra chemicals. Sounds great, right? Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s marketed towards girls ages three to 10.

should little girls wear makeup?

The mineral-based line features several different themed kits for children to take advantage of. The kits have age-appropriate names, such as Princess Fairy or Ballet Star, so it’s not as though the company is trying to make the children lose their innocence. In fact, the kits are even dubbed to be “play make up kits,” suggesting that the company does not intend for children to wear the makeup seriously.

However, the fact still remains – Luna Star has started a makeup line specifically for kids. It’s a sign that the standards of our culture are changing, and not for the better.

Giving young girls the idea that makeup is an essential part of their lifestyle will only lead to a myriad of self esteem and image issues. They will feel, as they grow older, that they need to wear makeup all the time in order to fit in and be considered beautiful.

should little girls wear makeup?

When children are young, they should be worried about other things, like playing soccer or doing homework or having a pretend tea party. Makeup and the way they look should not be their first priority. Obviously, girls will have to deal with these self image issues eventually, but that should be reserved for later in life. It makes no sense to put a girl’s childhood at risk simply because society demands it. Sure, it’s fun to play around with, but when it becomes something that a girl thinks she needs to wear, then it is a problem.

The lesson we should be teaching kids is that beauty is more than skin deep. What we should not be teaching them is the correct way to apply eyeliner.

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