23 Easy (But Still Impressive) Easter Egg Designs

posted on April 14, 2014 at 5:12 pm

Beyond candy and hunting for Easter eggs, coloring and decorating eggs is a tradition that both adults and children can enjoy. Generally, eggs are dyed in an array of different food colors or painted by hand. Don’t let the fun stop there. Take things to the next level with paper, jewels, glitter and more. It doesn’t matter what the design is, children will love being able to display their artistic talents with you right there with them. Check out these 23 Easter egg designs that your children are sure to love.


1. Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

tie-dyed easter eggs

Can you guess what the secret ingredient is in this fabulous creation? If you said food coloring, you’re right. You will be surprised at how many different designs you can create with one simple ingredient. Simply blot food coloring onto your egg using a paper towel and you are good to go.


2. Fabric-Dyed Easter Eggs

fabric-dyed easter eggs

Before you dye your Easter eggs, wrap them in a lace, cheesecloth or other type of fabric to create a look that is both stunning and simple to create.


3. Puffy Paint Easter Eggs

puffy paint easter eggs

Why not create a unique three-dimensional design with some puffy paint? It only takes a moment of your time, but the design possibilities are endless.


4. Metallic-Dipped Easter Eggs

metallic dipped easter eggs

Even the most simplistic of designs can be enhanced with either a gold or silver accent. To make your eggs stand out, add in some metallic hues this Easter.


5. Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

natural dyed easter eggs

Instead of using the dyes from the store, go all-natural with beets, blueberries and more. This recipe allows you to create some of the richest colors without having to buy the generic store kits.


6. Chirping Chick Easter Eggs

chirping chick easter eggs

When it comes to one of the most adorable egg creations, this one takes the cake. It only takes a few minutes to create some of these chicks to fill your basket. Once you have your eggs dyed yellow, use a permanent marker to create the eyes, some orange foam for the beak and wrap them in the shells of other eggs to top it off.


7. Drizzled Easter Eggs

drizzled easter eggs

Choose a few different colors to complement your eggs and create a fantastic swirled design that will be unique each and every time you do it. Drizzle some rubber cement on the egg, let it dry and drip it into the paint color of your choice.


8. Glitter Easter Eggs

glitter easter eggs

If you want to add some sparkle to your Easter this year, you have to try out this design. All it takes is some glue and glitter to make your eggs shine.


9. Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

paint splattered easter eggs

For those who love getting messy, this is the perfect design for you. Splatter some black paint and watch as each egg takes on its own unique design.


10. Painted Bunny Easter Eggs

painted bunny easter eggs

Using a little bit of craft paint and a permanent marker, you can easily create Easter bunnies on your eggs for all to see.


11. Band Egg Design

band egg design

Wrap your eggs with some large rubber bands before you dunk them in the dye to create this unique look.


12. Sticker Egg Designs

sticker egg designs

This one is about as simple as it gets. All you have to do is dye your eggs as usual. Once dry, apply stickers of your choice to the eggs for a touch of flair.


13. Pysanky Egg Dyeing

pysanky egg dyeing

This Ukranian form of egg dyeing might be a little more complicated than some of the others mentioned here, but the results are absolutely stunning. You will be amazed at how great your eggs will look when done. Using a toothpick, you simply apply paint in a number of different designs to create some beautiful eggs.


14. Dyed Lace Wrapped Easter Eggs

dyed lace wrapped easter eggs

To create this two-tone look, all you need is a small piece of lace that you can wrap around your egg after it’s done dyeing. Choose something that accentuates your eggs nicely to create a beautiful look.


15. No Fuss Painted Eggs

no fuss painted eggs

A simple paint brush and some paint is all you need to create these eggs. Dip your brush into a variety of different colors and dot your eggs to create your own unique design.


16. Beach Themed Easter Eggs

beach themed easter eggs

Planning on taking a tropical trip anytime soon? If so, add some beach designs to your Easter eggs and bring on the fun.


17. Pretty Ribbon Easter Eggs

pretty ribbon easter eggs

Add patterned paper and a festive flower to create a unique twist on traditional Easter eggs.


18. Toothpick Egg Decorating

toothpick egg decorating

Some toothpicks, paint and a little patience will help you to create these stunning Easter eggs.


19. Marker Easter Eggs

marker easter eggs

Using nothing more than a permanent marker, you can create a whole host of different designs and pictures.


20. Flower Garden Easter Eggs

flower garden easter eggs

Bring out the springtime fun with some leftover scrapbooking stickers. Create your own little garden inside of your home.


21. Painted Easter Eggs

painted easter eggs

All you need is some washable paint and paintbrushes and you are good to go on creating these beautiful eggs.


22. Pastel Striped Eggs

pastel striped eggs

Pick up a variety of different colors of Washi tape and cut it into thin strips. Adhere them to your eggs and get a fabulous design.


23. Easter Egg Chicks

easter egg chicks

With some foam flowers, hot glue, feathers, a permanent marker and foam beaks, you can be on your way to creating these stunning Easter chicks in no time.

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