20 Adorable Reasons We’re Celebrating National Pet Month

posted on May 27, 2014 at 3:11 am

May is National Pet Month, which means it’s time to honor your furry friends for all the happiness they bring you. Let’s all take a moment in our busy lives to stop and recognize just how important and vital our companions really are to us. Cue the Sarah McLachlan music…

Pets are awesome. Here are our number one reasons why they deserve their own month of glory.


1. They’re Super Coordinated

national pet month

Look at that precise jumping skill – he hit the armrest just like he planned to.


2. They’re Friends with Other Animals

kangaroo and dog friends

Come here, my precious. We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.


3. They Love to Play Games

national pet month

Have you ever seen Air Bud? This is a shot from the upcoming sequel Air Bud 6: Double Dutch Pooch.


4. They Love Hugs

national pet month

It is time for you to pick me up and give me teh cuddles, human.


5. They’re Undercover Vampires

national pet month

And we’re afraid that if we don’t give them their own month, we’ll be the next victim. At least this little kitty won’t need to feed again for a couple weeks.


6. They Love to Have a Good Time

national pet month

Who let the dogs out? Because they are ready to hit up da club for a night of fun.


7. They Are Fierce Predators

national pet month

Hide ‘yo kids, hide ‘yo wife. Your adorable kitten might give in to its primal urge and eat them.


8. They’re Easily Surprised

national pet month

OMG, who are you and why am I sitting in your hands???


9. They Help Each Other Out

national pet month

Oh, you’re going over to the backyard too? Hop on, I’ll give you a lift.


10. They’re Opinionated

national pet month

What’s this? A strawberry? IT DISPLEASES ME!!!


11. They’re Drama Queens

national pet month

God forbid the peanut butter run out late one night. It might be the end of the world.


12. They’ll Never Let Go

national pet month

Unlike Rose, who lets go as soon as Jack freezes to death. That giant piece of driftwood was big enough for both of you!


13. They Help Do the Dishes

national pet month

This bowl is definitely clean enough to eat out of.


14. They Adore You

national pet month

I wuv you, human. I wuv you so much.


15. They’re Always Happy

national pet month

Ahhh puppy stampede, run for your life!!!


16. They Try So Hard

national pet month

Your pet will never give up. Even if they suck at something.


17. They’re So Fluffy

national pet month

Fluffiness is clearly a quality worthy of worship and adoration.


18. They Make Strange Faces

national pet month

I just think that – WAAAHHHHHHHHHHH – grass is the best.


19. They Are the Cutest Things Ever

national pet month

This is probably enough of a reason by itself to have a month just for pets.

But really, the most important reason for celebrating National Pet Month is…


20. We Love Them!

national pet month

Even if they try to run away when we want to hug them, they’ll always be number one in our hearts.

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