18 Times Parenthood Gave You All the Feels

posted on April 4, 2014 at 4:43 pm

The NBC hit series Parenthood, revolving around the endearing Braverman clan, runs the gamut on just about every issue a family may endure and never fails to initiate a crying outburst or a sudden case of all-over goose bumps.



Even the cast gets emotional. In fact, there’s apparently a Parenthood drinking game that Monica Potter (aka Kristina Braverman) likes to play. It’s simple: shed a tear, take a shot. So basically you’ll be drunk by the end of the episode!

Parenthood drinking game


Perhaps what we love most is that it depicts reality in a way few shows do these days, despite, ironically enough, the many reality series that have taken over primetime television.

One thing is for sure – whether it’s happy or sad tears, every (and I mean every) episode makes us feel. From Asperger’s Syndrome, infertility, and marriage trouble, to substance abuse, cancer, and abortion, the topics covered are real and ones viewers can relate to on a deeply personal level.

So in case you can’t get enough of your favorite TV drama, and you’d like to relive those moments that sent you into a whirlwind of emotions and scrambling for the tissue box, we’ve compiled a list of times Parenthood gave us all the feels.


1. When Zeek takes Amber to the lot to see her car after she crashes it and nearly dies

Amber and Zeek


Can you say reality check?


2. When Haddie and her parents share a heartfelt goodbye at the airport before she heads off to college

Haddie and parents


Don’t forget us, Haddie!


3. When Julia walks into the delivery room after Zoe gives birth, only to instantly realize she will not be adopting the baby she’s been waiting for after all

Julia and Zoe


…and she completely loses it.

Julia crying


4. When Julia thinks Victor doesn’t love her, and Crosby reassures her that she is an awesome mom

Crosby and Julia


Way to be there, Cros!


5. When Julia and Joel officially adopt Victor, and the Bravermans accept him wholeheartedly

Victor joins family


Even Sydney, who has had trouble with her shift from single-child status, accepts Victor as her new brother. How much sweeter can it get?

Sydney and Victor


6. And when Julia breaks down, realizing she can’t do it all – managing her full-time career and being a mother of two

Julia breaks down


Oh Julia, we just hate to see you like this!



7. When Amber confronts her dad about his absent role in her life and how she can’t just trust he’ll be there now

Amber and dad


Let it all out, Amber! Some things just need to be said.


8. When Kristina tries to hold it together and tells Adam she has cancer

kristina tells adam


9. And then when she breaks the news to the entire family

Kristina tells family


…and the looks on their faces as the camera pans across the table is enough to shatter your heart into tiny pieces.

parents reaction


crosby reaction

Sarah reaction

10. And if you’re not sobbing yet, when Adam finds a video Kristina created for her kids to view in case she doesn’t survive, and watching him watch it is utterly heart-wrenching

kristina video


11. When Jasmine forgives Crosby for cheating in a Notebook-style scene and proposes to him in the middle of a storm

Crosby and Jasmine


Yes! Yes, he’ll marry you!



12. When Drew confides in Amber that Amy is pregnant and wants to have an abortion

Amber and Drew


Amber is such a loving big sister!



13. And when he runs to his mom after Amy goes through with it and cries it out in her arms

Sarah and Drew


14. When Kristina teaches Max some dance moves after he eventually agrees to attend the school dance

kristina and max


…and her eyes are full of tears as she shares the special moment with her son that she may not have the opportunity to experience again.

Kristina and Max dancing


15. When Max FINALLY gets the vending machines back in school (thanks to some behind-the-scenes help from super-mom Kristina)

Max vending machine


For once being the center of attention is a positive thing for Max, and he soaks it up!



16. When Kristina’s hair starts falling out, and she decides to take matters into her own hands

Kristina hair


She shaves her head in a powerful scene mixed with smiles and tears, and we get a glimpse into the struggle of empowerment vs. vulnerability.



17. And later down the road when the doctor tells Kristina she is cancer-free, and she almost can’t believe her ears

Kristina cancer free


What would Parenthood be without Kristina Braverman, anyway?



18. And of course, just about every time when the Bravermans let loose and celebrate just being alive

Bravermans dancing


Seriously, how can you not feel all warm and fuzzy with this adorably goofy family?

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