18 Actually Fun Things to Do This Father’s Day

posted on May 6, 2014 at 1:07 am

Oh Father’s Day… a day to celebrate all things Dad! But what do you get him, or what should you do? Well dads are, not so secretly, big kids themselves so why not make it a fun and playful day in or out of the house? Here are 18 actually fun things to do on Father’s Day that the whole family will enjoy:

1. Golfing Adventure

via sheknows.com golfing adventure fathers day
via sheknows.com

Take Dad out for a playful round of Mini Golf and see just how good his game is. This is an activity the kids will be all for and one Dad will remember for years to come.


2. Family Movie Night

via firehow.com fathers day family movie night
via firehow.com

Is Dad a big action movie kinda guy or maybe he has a favorite trilogy? Grab a big bowl of popcorn and put his favorite movie on. Yes, the movie has been played one 100 times and you can recite it backward and forward but one more time won’t hurt, right?


3. Bowling Anyone?

via lakewoodlanes.net bowling night fathers day

via lakewoodlanes.net

Perhaps the weather won’t be so great on Father’s Day, no problem! Take your fun inside with a round of bowling. This is always a big hit with everyone and it’s an activity that won’t break the bank this year. Just in case he’s not a bowler, you can always put the bumpers up.


4. Reel ‘em in

via k954.com reel em in fathers day
via k954.com

Take a blanket and a picnic basket out to his favorite fishing hole and spend the day out in nature reeling in some fish. Spend some time outside without the TV, computer and any other distractions this year and catch up on each other. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch dinner?


 5. Man Time

via ragslisa.blogspot.com fathers day man time local events
via ragslisa.blogspot.com

Maybe you just want to give Dad a break this Father’s Day and there’s a big game, monster truck rally or car show in your area. Surprise him with tickets to an event he’s sure to love in your area and see if you can’t convince him to take a kiddo or two along with him. Definitely a good day for Daddy bonding!


6. Finger Lickin’ Good

via dadsthatcook.com fathers day finger licking good cook out
via dadsthatcook.com

Does he love to grill out? Grab him some steaks or drumsticks so he can show off is grilling skills with a meal he’ll love. Pick up a food the kids help him prepare, so they can help make Father’s Day dinner special. What guy wouldn’t love a delicious steak dinner on his special day?


7. Take a Hike

via gohikingusa.com fathers day take a hike
via gohikingusa.com

Is your family the outdoorsy type? Pack a lunch and the camera and head out for the day. Look into your local trails and be sure to find one that the kids can handle so no one ends up carrying someone.


8. Take Dad out to the Ball Game

via boston.com fathers day take dad out to the ball game
via boston.com

Put on your hats and jerseys to go cheer on your team! Grab a couple hot dogs and try to catch the foul ball with Dad at baseball game in your home town.


9. Video Game Night

via fanboygaming.com video game night fathers day
via fanboygaming.com

Try your hand in his favorite video game. I know, I know normally we’re nagging him to get off but today see what he thinks is so much fun. Play him in a match or help him on a mission. You might find that you like it and can sit down with him sometimes and enjoy it together.


10. Makin’ Bacon

via the-good-life-blog.com making bacon fathers day
via the-good-life-blog.com

Get up before him this year and make every Dads favorite breakfast food: bacon! The kids can help set the table and run in to wake up Dad for a special breakfast surprise. This is a great way to start off a day of fun. Add some doughnuts and chocolate milk in there too!


11. Build Something

via kansaswildscape.org build somethign fathers day
via kansaswildscape.org

Pick up an easy to build kit for the whole family to build together. A model car or a birdhouse for the yard. Something that will take up some time and can be with your family for years to come.


12. Family Funnies

via mamabzz.com family funnies pictures fathers day
via mamabzz.com

Is it time for some new family photos? This year take some photos that a little less perfect. Try some silly poses and funny faces to capture the true nature of your family. These are sure to give you lots of laughs for years to come and everyone will remember this day!

13. Do His Chores

via parentables.howstuffworks.com fathers day do his chores
via parentables.howstuffworks.com

Hang in there with me, this isn’t actually fun for you but he’ll enjoy it. If you’ve got kids that are old enough, have them each do one of his chores. Take out to trash, mow the front yard or maybe fix the light bulb he’s been promising to replace for the last several months. He will appreciate it!


14. Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

via collectiblesandgifts.blogspot.com fathers day home made fathers day gifts
via collectiblesandgifts.blogspot.com

Get crafty this Father’s Day. Let the kids come up with their very own ideas for homemade Father’s Day cards or gifts. There are tons of step by step easy and kid friendly projects online. Pull a few up and let them at it.


15. Have a Nerf War!

via earthwalkerfamily.blogspot.com family nerf war fathers day
via earthwalkerfamily.blogspot.com

Speaking from experience here, loading up all the Nerf Guns and racing around the house, ducking, diving and trying to shoot each other is the best free fun you can have at home! This will bring tons of laughs on Father’s Day and everyone can enjoy it together. Make it a free-for-all or team up on dad!


16. Day Trip

via thevacationgals.com fathers day take a day trip
via thevacationgals.com

Surprise him by taking him to some of the places he’s always wanted to visit but never been able to. Even if its just a cool car museum in the next town over or the fair going on. Go and check it out with him!


17. Plan a Surprise

via galleryhip.com plan a surprise fathers day
via galleryhip.com

For those who have kids who are grown up and moved away. Plan with them a surprise visit down for Father’s Day!


18. Fill his day with Love

via ryanrush.com fathers day fill the day with love
via ryanrush.com

This Father’s Day, plan a day filled with love, hugs, affection and appreciation for all the things that make your Dad stand out above the rest. Show him how much every little thing he does means to you!


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