17 Easy Makeup Tips for Busy Moms

posted on April 9, 2014 at 5:16 pm

Words cannot explain how beautiful it is to be a mom. But it can get very hard for busy moms to pamper themselves with so many responsibilities in line. We know that being a super mom is not as easy as it seems! So we have gathered some really great, five-minute makeup tips for you.

1. Get That Dazzling Eye Lash Look with Your Plastic Spoon

makeup with spoon, easy mascara application
Mascara application with a spoon

We know how time-consuming it can be to apply mascara perfectly on the bottom lashes. Here is the solution: Rest the plastic spoon underneath your bottom lashes. Now, apply a coat of mascara. It won’t get on your skin under the eyes. Thus, a true time-saver!


2. Scotch Tape: The Cheapest Eye Stencil Ever!

makeup with scotch tape, easy makeup
Your scotch tape for that perfect look

Thinking to get that “cat eye” for the dinner party tonight? Getting a balanced look just requires your scotch tape, something that is already available at home. Cover the eye area diagonally with the scotch tape before applying eye shadows and eye liner. When you are done, remove the tape and see the difference.


3. A Toothbrush Is All You Need To Get Pink Lips within Seconds

makeup tip
Toothbrush for getting pink lips

No time for applying a perfect layer of lipstick? Use your toothbrush instead! Exfoliating your lips with a lip exfoliate made of coconut oil and sugar will make them look healthy and shiny. To complete the look, just apply a bit of your favorite lip gloss. You are ready to face the day!


4. Learn This Natural, 2-Minute Eye Liner Look

Tightlining, eye liner

Thicker eye lashes, clear eyes, and natural eye makeup – this is something all of us want. This trick is going to work really well here: Apply your eye liner in between the lashes. This way, your lashes will look thick and natural.


5. Use a Business Card For Great Makeup!

easy mascara tips
Business card for mascara application

If you are in a hurry, it becomes really difficult to apply mascara without letting it touch your eye lids. Here is a simple trick: Take a business card, and hold it behind the lashes. While doing this, apply mascara in the back and forth direction. This way, you will be coating every lash without getting into any trouble.


6. Things You Need for the Matte Lipstick Look: Powder and Tissue Paper

long-lasting color
Matte lipstick

Don’t have time to check if you need to apply another layer of your lipstick? After applying lipstick, all you need is a bit of powder and a tissue paper to get your lipstick stay longer. Simply hold the tissue over the lips. Now, apply powder over this tissue. You will see a matte look of your lips that won’t need any retouching.


7. Mix Primer with Foundation to Avoid That Cakey Look

Primer tip, foundation tip
Mix primer with foundation

Primer is supposed to be applied on the face even before foundation. However, when you are short of time, this is the best way indeed! Mix both of them and apply. You will enjoy that long-lasting look.


8. Get Rid of Those Facial Hair before Applying Foundation

facial hair removal tip
Facial waxing strips

No matter how gently you apply foundation on your face, it will not create a neat look because of those unwanted facial hair. Rather than tweezing daily, save your precious time by using facial wax strips. The results will last longer!


9. Oily Skin? Use Cucumber before Applying Makeup

oily skin
Cucumber juice for oily skin

Who wants that oily shine even after applying layers of foundation? If you are in the same situation, then replace your primer with cucumber juice! Just before applying foundation, dab a few drops of cucumber juice on your face with cotton swab. Once it is dry, start off with your makeup routine.


10. Bye Bye Dark Circles. Hello Concealer!

Concealer, how to apply concealer

Busy mothers can have sleep-less nights and tough routines. Most of them have dark circles which look really bad. Here is one of the best of these 15+ easy makeup tips: Applying a good concealer to hide these dark circles and other marks/blemishes is essential before you even think of applying foundation. But wait. Are you doing this the right way? Make a V shape while applying.


11. Use Eye Drops to Fix Dry Mascara

mascara quick fixes, mascara tips
Pour eye drops in mascara

Rather than pumping your mascara for getting more of it, just pour a drop or two of any brand of eye drops. Doing this will give it a more liquid form. Now, you can use more of your mascara.


12. Banish the Blemish with a Cotton Bud

hide blemishes, concealer tip
Cotton bud and concealer

Can’t get rid of that stubborn blemish? Undoubtedly, you need a concealer. However, you do not have to dab your entire concealer stick on the poor blemish. You can hide it easily by just covering the required area of the blemish. Do this by using a cotton bud.


13. Use Cream Blush Instead of Powdered Blush

Cream blush
Cream blush

Brushes take time in stroking and blending. However, if you have a cream blush, you just need your fingers to blend it.


14. Thicker Eye Lashes = 15 Seconds of Blow Dry On Your Lash Curler

eye lash curler, eye lash
Heating eye lash curler

Just heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for fifteen seconds only. The curl of your lashes will last longer.


15. Use White Eyeliner for an Enhanced Look

long-lasting eye shadow
Apply white eye liner before eye shadow

Have you applied a thick layer of vibrant eye shadow but it appears dull after sometime? If yes, then here is its fix: Before applying the eye show, apply white eye liner over the entire lid. You will notice that the shades remain fresh even after hours.


16. Use Jojoba Oil to Remove Even Your Eye Makeup

jojoba oil, makeup remover
Jojoba oil as makeup remover

No matter how hectic your day has been, you shouldn’t go to bed without removing your makeup. Rather than picking a makeup remover, go for something natural, i.e. jojoba oil! Just mix 1 part of this non-allergenic oil with 2 parts of water, and remove your makeup in a minute.

17. If Jojoba Oil Is Not There, Try Baby Wipes

makeup remover
Baby wipes as your makeup remover

Baby wipes can be another great substitute for your makeup remover. So, even if you forgot your makeup remover while traveling, use baby wipes fearlessly. You will easily remove even those stubborn eye shadows this way.

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