15 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

posted on April 2, 2014 at 10:23 pm

With spring comes the inevitable duty of spring cleaning, or so goes the notion. For some reason though, the idea of getting our houses ready for spring doesn’t seem quite so bad when it means the weather has finally changed in our favor! Ah, sunny days, refreshing breezes, and open windows – we’ve missed you so! There’s plenty to do to gear the home up for this long-awaited season and to avoid costly repairs later on, so let’s get started! We’ve compiled a list of 15 things to do to get you on the right track. Remember, the sooner you finish your chores, the sooner you can relax and enjoy the day – without worrying about the long list of maintenance your home needs!

Indoor Upkeep

1. Test the Air Conditioning System

air conditioning


Turn the unit on and run it briefly. Schedule a service visit right away if any repairs are required. You don’t want to wait until the hottest day of the season to figure this one out!


2. Conduct a Thorough House Cleaning

thorough cleaning


Spring cleaning should be a bit more intense than your typical weekly vacuuming, toilet scrubbing, and dusting ritual. Pay extra attention to areas you don’t normally attend to – scrub walls, wash doors and knobs, wipe down base moulding, and use the vacuum hose for corners.


3. Dust Those Ceiling Fans!

ceiling fan


Ceiling fans are great for circulating air throughout your house; just clean them before turning them on for the first time – you’d be surprised at how much dust has gathered within a few months! You don’t want that blowing all over the place and causing a bigger mess. Achoo!


4. Deep Clean Your Carpets

deep clean carpets


A steam cleaner may be a good investment even if it’s only used several times a year during major scrubs, and if you have children or pets (and we all know pets are just our furry children, anyway)…well, we think you can perceive the advantages here!


5. Clean Out the Fridge

clean out fridge


And we don’t just mean going on an eating binge to get rid of all your leftovers! Of course, you can do that too (we won’t tell). Wipe down all interior and exterior surfaces (how long has that sticky red juice stain been there?!), open new baking soda boxes to preserve freshness, and vacuum or sweep underneath the fridge.



6. Change Out Your Clothing

spring clothes


Pack up those thick sweaters and winter jackets, and bring out the t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops! Stay organized though, and when it’s time to swap out again come winter-time (don’t worry, it’s a long way away – we’re just thinking ahead for you!), it’ll be much easier to retrieve all your necessities. Perhaps sort outdoor attire, sweaters and blouses, sweats, and jeans, and store in separate boxes. And hey, you may even want to purge and make room for some new attire!

7. Add Some Personal Finishing Touches

personal touch


Invite your favorite spring aromas inside by making a vase of fresh flowers your table centerpiece and using scented candles, air fresheners, and hand soaps for touches of spring in every room.

8. Pest Control is a Must!

pest control


Spring is the perfect time to spray both indoors and outdoors. You may not have any problems yet as the weather is just getting nicer, but performing this task before it gets too hot out is the best way to prevent those little creepy crawlies from entering your personal space.

Outdoor Upkeep

1. Prune and Mulch

weed killer


It’s time to trim those overgrown shrubs and remove any dead branches. Then spread new mulch, but not before you spray weed killer wherever you don’t want those little buggers popping up! Mulch can help prevent weed growth, but weed killer will get them before they’ve even started growing.

2. Plant!



Colorful flowers and shrubbery are a beautiful touch to your outdoor area. Large pots or hanging baskets with flowers can even be used to hide unsightly aspects of your house or yard. Place several pots going up your front stoop

3. Make Your Front Entrance More “Welcoming”



Do a quick check to make sure your doorbell works properly and your front porch light doesn’t need replaced. Polish chrome or brass doorknobs for a revitalized appearance. Finally, place a new welcome mat at your front door and hang an inviting sign or decoration from your door.

4. Power Wash

power washer


Whether you rent or purchase a power washer, it makes a world of difference in the exterior appearance of your home. Power wash your house siding, driveway, and walkway to clean up stains that have set in over time from exposure to the elements. It’s a lot stronger than a regular hose, so you might want to keep it away from the kids!

5. Caulk and Seal



Seal cracks and gaps along your walkway and replace any loose bricks. Re-caulk around doors and windows where moisture could get inside and cause mold. Your local hardware store will have caulk for exterior use that can withstand weather changes.

6. Clear Gutters



Remove leaves and debris from gutters before spring showers lead to clogging. Also check for loose or leaky gutters, and ensure downspouts drain away from your house. Nobody wants to deal with a wet basement!

7. Get the Windex Out

clean windows


Give your windows and sliding doors a good cleaning (do this inside, too!). While you’re at it, replace any window or door screens that may have been damaged from harsh winter conditions.

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