15 Puppet-Themed Crafts for Kids

posted on May 8, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Kids have an incredible sense of imagination, so it’s important to support all of their playtime endeavors. Providing the right toys is essential to keep their growing minds satiated. But… what if… you gave your kids the chance to create their own play toys?


It’s such a great idea, isn’t it? These puppet-themed crafts will keep kids busy and engrossed for an entire day! They’ll be so thrilled to make them, that they won’t be able to set them down until it’s time for bed… which takes some of the pressure of entertaining your kids. Not that you hate constantly coming up with new things to keep your kids from being bored… but having them stick with one activity for several hours at a time just makes life easier.


1. Snake Straw Puppet

puppet crafts for kids

How cute! Your children can hiss at each other while pretending to speak Parseltongue like Harry Potter… or maybe pretend they’re in a really cheesy sci-fi movie where snakes take over the world!


2. Tiger Finger Puppet

puppet-themed crafts for kids

Meow? More like ROAR! This cute tiger is super easy to make and the two finger holes look like the big cat’s legs. Your child will be prowling the living room for hours.


3. No Sew Dragon Sock Puppet

puppet-themed crafts for kids

Set the world on fire with some dragon’s breath! This lifelike puppet may seem daunting, but all it involves is some felt, glue, and a brightly colored tube sock. The hard part will be convincing your kids to wait until the glue dries!


4. Paint Stick Puppets

puppet-themed crafts

Have old (and unused!) paper plates and utensils sitting around collecting dust? Let your kids have a go at creating a puppet masterpiece! This fun activity utilizes whatever recycled items you have available.


5. Wooden Spoon Ballerina

puppet crafts for kids

Does your girl dream of twirling around like a fairy princess? Well, now she can have a partner in crime! It’s easy to have a more boy-friendly alternative; just dress the spoon person in an army or space suit instead.


6. No String Attached Puppets

puppet themed crafts

These puppets involve making faces out of Model Magic clay, so your kid will instantly love it. They can create a whole family of characters to wield around in their imagination.


7. Monster Finger Puppets

puppet themed crafts

The sewing part on these might be a tad difficult, but you can always let your child hand sew them or simply glue them together. The fun part will be making the crazy faces on each puppet!


8. Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

puppet themed crafts for kids

Hooooooo are you? I’m an owl, thank you! Just think of the clever exchanges that will go on when your kids make these adorable owl puppets. The puns are unlimited!


9. Accordion Giraffe Puppet

puppet themed crafts for kids

This giraffe is so cute that you might want to make one for yourself! Just imagine your child dancing around the living room with his new best friend. The accordion legs are the best part!


10. Paper Mache Hand Puppet

puppet themed crafts for kids

Imagine the fun that will come from paper macheing your own personal puppet! Kids can really let their imagination run wild. Create a whole cast of characters to use in during playtime.


11. Badminton Puppets

puppet crafts for kids

Use cheap badminton rackets from the dollar store, and let your child create a badminton version of the family! Just don’t let them whack each other with the rackets.


12. Puppy Marionette Puppet

puppet crafts

The strings on this cute pup mean that your child can drag it along like a real dog. The perfect solution for a family that doesn’t allow pets but has a child that really wants one!


13. Paper Bat Puppet

puppet themed crafts for kids

I am the Batman! With the reboot of the Batman franchise, chances are your child is a huge fan. Let them pretend they are the superhero’s sidekick with the fluttering black bat puppet!


14. Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

puppet themed crafts for kids

Pipe cleaners are flexible and versatile, making them the perfect medium for a finger puppet! These are just a few of the creatures you can make using them – let your child create his or her own designs for optimum levels of fun.


15. Paper Turtle Puppet

puppet themed crafts for kids

Slow and steady always wins the race… just like this turtle! It cleverly attaches to your finger underneath the shell, which makes it easy to have it crawl along for pretend time.

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