15 Father’s Day Crafts

posted on May 16, 2014 at 11:56 am

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, so now is the time to prepare. You could go out and buy your dad a generic and overproduced gift that every dad will be receiving… or you could step outside of the box and use some creativity! Father’s Day crafts make original and fun gift ideas, and they also help keep the kids entertained. Best of all, they will serve as a priceless memento of his children’s childhood. When his kids grow old and stop having time to make him gifts, Dad can reflect back on the innocence of previous years just by looking through his old crafty gift collection. Can’t really say that about a new razor, can you?


1. Golf Score Card

father's day crafts

Why should dad use the boring score cards they have at the course? Give him his own personalized version to record his score on!


2. Handprint Stepping Stone

father's day crafts

This is an especially important craft to try when the kids are still young. Once they get bigger, their hands won’t fit in the molds anymore! A great keepsake for remembering how small they used to be.


3. Monogram Painted Hammer

father's day crafts

If Dad is a DIY kind of guy, a personalized hammer is essential. Paint on Dad’s name, his favorite animal, his hometown sports team – whatever!


4. Personalized Beer Set

father's day crafts

Mmm, some home-brewed Dad beer. Ok, so you don’t actually brew the beer (you just re-package it), but this is still a great idea. Make Dad feel special enough for his own personalized ale.


5. Best Dad Trophy

father's day crafts

In case Dad somehow forgot that he’s the best, present him with this golden trophy on Father’s Day! He’ll absolutely love it, especially since it stands up on its own.


6. Footprint Mugs

father's day crafts

Every time Dad drinks his morning cup of coffee, he can metaphorically hold his child’s hand. It’s a super sweet gesture, even if he doesn’t admit to being touched.


7. Lego Key Holder

father's day crafts

There’s nothing much better than Legos… except perhaps having a key holder made of Legos. If Dad is a Star Wars buff, try attaching on some popular characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.


8. Homemade Picture Frame

father's day crafts

Picture frames are a dual present, since they come with a photo and a frame. It’s a classic standby that’s easy to make and works perfect for this occasion.


9. BBQ King Apron

father's day crafts

Does Dad like to grill? Then he absolutely needs a personalized apron! Handprints are one idea, but you can also add drawing of hotdogs and hamburgers for more fun.


10. Tie Wreath

father's day crafts

If Dad is a businessman, he is certain to have a lot of old ties lying around. Instead of letting these go to waste, why not make this cool wreath out of them?


11. Toolbox Coupon Book

father's day crafts

This envelope and coupon set come as a printable file, so all you have to do is cut and assemble them. It’s perfect for a craftsman dad who needs a free back rub every so often.


12. Fishy Card

father's day crafts

You can’t forget about making Dad a card on Father’s Day! This fish card is really cute, especially if Dad loves spending time out on the water.


13. Coffee Sleeves

father's day crafts

Is Dad always on the go? Then he absolutely needs this coffee sleeve Father’s Day craft. These sleeves will keep his hands from being burned and also remind him that he’s loved.


14. Necktie Key Ring

father's day crafts

Instead of buying Dad a real tie (how boring), make him one of these cute tie keychains! He can carry it around with his keys to remind himself how awesome he is.


15. Clothes Hanger

father's day crafts

Dad might not have a lot of clothes, but the ones he does have need to be hanged up. These personalized hangers will make sure everyone knows who that suit belongs to.

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