15 Dad Approved Father’s Day Gifts

posted on May 10, 2014 at 5:21 pm

Dad usually isn’t hard to please. As long as he has a beer in hand and control of the TV remote, things are looking up. In fact, that might just be the best day of his life.

Ok, we kid. But seriously, this lifestyle simplicity makes it super easy to choose a good Father’s Day gift. He’s not picky and won’t scoff at a present, unless it’s something completely out-of-character, like a diamond necklace or pink floral shoes. Stick to manly-sounding items, and you’ll be set. Here are some of our top dad-approved Father’s Day gifts.


1. Tin Can Beer Holder

father's day gifts
etsy.com – $16

This doesn’t have to specifically be a beer holder… but come on, what else will he use it for? A glass of pink lemonade? The aluminum can even comes with “DAD” emblazoned right into the metal, so everyone knows exactly whose drink it is.


2. Man Cave Pocket Pillow

father's day gifts
gifts.personalcreations.com – $44.99

We don’t mean to imply that the Dad in your life is an alcoholic… we just find these beer gadgets pretty cool. This one is completely customizable, so don’t worry if your dad isn’t a grandpa yet. It holds two beers all while doubling as a comfy pillow.


3. Homeowner’s Tool Kit

dad-approved father's day gifts
amazon.com – $46.51

Ooooh… tools. Yeah, I don’t really know what kind of tools they are, either. However, the kit claims to include all the tools needed to complete basic DIY projects around the home… so that’s good, right? Maybe Dad will finally get to fixing up the bathroom after all.


4. Darth Vader Cuff Links

dad-approved father's day gifts
cufflinks.com – $125

Calling all Star Wars fans… these cuff links are the bees knees. Allow Dad to channel his inner Sith without going full-on geek. Cuff links are unnoticeable enough to wear to work without making a nerdy fool of himself, but still enough of a statement to keep him happy.


5. Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser

father's day gifts
sharperimage.com – $39.99

Getting a cold splash on your face every morning when it’s time to shave must suck. Think of how luxurious and relaxing this heated dispenser would be! In fact, it might be too cozy – Dad might not want to head to work after he’s done using it!


6. Roku 3

father's day gifts
amazon.com – $84.99

This quirky little device lets you instantly stream TV channels featuring show, movies, sports, and more straight to your viewing device. It’s pretty fancy technology, and Dad will love it. Spending all day reading about the features is worth the price tag alone.


7. Fish Finder

father's day gifts approved by dad
lowrance.com – $79.99

Fishing is kind of boring, so why not help Dad make it more fun? This little device uses a sensor to track the fish in the water and how far away they are. It makes it easier to catch them and hopefully makes a day out on the lake less drawn out.


8. 30 for 30

father's day gifts approved by dad
walmart.com – $65.32

This is a must have for any sports fan. It is a set of 30 films by today’s finest filmmakers, all focusing on different famous sports stories from the last 30 years. Dad can spend the day on the couch watching them all while you take a nap beside him.


9. Grillbot

dad-approved father's day gifts
grillbots.com – $129.95

Cleaning the grill is a pain. Luckily, Grillbot is here to help. It’s an automated grill cleaner that gives you a squeaky clean grill with the press of a button. It comes with three motors and even an alarm that lets you know when it’s finished so Dad won’t forget about it.


10. Extension Cord Winder

father's day gifts
amazon.com – $17.67

Those long extension cords are a tripping hazard, especially for the kids! Keep things under control with this hand crank cord winder. It keeps everything neat and tidy so you don’t have to keep yelling at Dad to clean up his mess. A win-win.


11. Man Cave End Table

dad approved father's day gifts
etsy.com – $85

If Dad is lucky enough to have his own man cave, he absolutely requires this sports team end table. Don’t worry, you can have it customized to fit his favorite team. It has a solid wood construction, so it can withstand a few drunken shoves.


12. Flexible Tripod Flashlight

father's day gifts
amazon.com – $29.99

It’s a flashlight… a really cool flashlight! It stands up on it’s own and has adjustable brightness control. It’s perfect for setting up outside when he’s doing some manly DIY project. Now he can keep on working all night without slowing down!


13.  Mayan Hammock

father's day gifts
unique-gifts.novica.com – $82.99

Hammocks are a universally sound gift. Not only are they the most comfortable way to lounge, but it’s also a great way to spend time outside. Just picture Dad taking a mid-day nap swaying in the breeze. Plus, maybe he’ll let you use it too.


14. FitBit Sleep Tracker

dad approved father's day gifts
amazon.com – $219.97

Help Dad stay in shape with this ultra cool device. It tracks all his daily steps, stairs climbed, distance walked, calories burned, and activity levels. In addition to all that, it also tracks your sleep patterns to record how long you sleep and how well you sleep.


15. SlantShack Beef Jerky

father's day gifts
uncrate.com – $13.50-$45

Customize your own flavor of beef jerky and have it sent straight to your home. Choose from 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, or 1 lb selections, depending on how hungry Dad usually is. No matter which kind you choose, know that all of the jerky is made using 100% grass-fed cattle.

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