13 Fun Easter Crafts for Your Kids

posted on April 7, 2014 at 1:06 pm

If you and your kids are tired of simply dying Easter eggs every year, there are plenty of crafty alternatives! You don’t have to settle for the same boring and repetitive tradition every year just because everyone else does. Put down the eggs and dye and find a more creative way to outlet your artsy energy with these great Easter crafts for your kids. You’ll get some great keepsake memories of when your child was little and still liked doing crafts, plus it will keep the kids busy the entire afternoon.


1. Fuzzy Bunny Photo

Easter Crafts for Kids

Isn’t this just adorable? Turn your child’s school portrait into a darling little bunny creature. Your child won’t be able to stop giggling! All you need are some cotton balls, paper, and paint to create the feet and ears.


2. Jar Bunny

Easter Crafts for Kids

Your child can make this little knick-knack and then use it to decorate their room during the holiday season. Better yet, have them make you a set that you can put out every year. Let your child’s creativity soar – who said bunnies need to have just two ears and two eyes?


3. Sock Hop

easter crafts for kids

Finally – a good use for old and mismatched socks! If your socks are too smelly to reuse, don’t be afraid to go out and buy some colorful ones from the store. Better yet, try dying your old ones with fabric dye – your kids will love it because they get to choose the colors.


4. Shoelace Bunnies

Easter crafts for kids

Think of how cute your child will look wearing these little bunnies on their shoes to school. They will be the coolest kid in class. This is also a good motivator for teaching kids how to tie shoes, since if they can’t tie shoes it may be difficult to attach the bunnies!


5. Envelope Bunnies

Easter crafts for kids

These bunnies are a great way to distribute candy and sweets during Easter. This idea is especially perfect if your child is handing out Easter candy to his or her class. Make a cute little envelope for each kid in the class and then fill it with candy.


6. Felt Easter Egg

easter crafts for kids

This is a great way to teach your little one how to sew. It’s super easy to complete, as the oval shape is pretty hard to mess up. And the great part is that if your child does mess up the stitching, it can just be part of the decorative effect!


7. Holy Easter Cross

easter crafts for kids

If you’re a believer in the true meaning of Easter, then this holy craft will resonate strongly with you. Two Popsicle sticks come together to form the cross that Jesus died on. The purple sash represents his resurrection and life.


8. Paint Chip Egg Garland

easter crafts for kids

As a kid, I know my favorite part of going to the home improvement store were the paint samples. Now, there’s actually a use for them! Let your child gather his or her favorite colors, then take them home and make this cute egg garland to hang up.


9. Wooden Spoon Chicks

easter crafts for kids

This project will keep the little ones occupied for hours as they make and then play with it. These little chicks can be crafted using old wooden spoons you’re tired of or inexpensive new ones. Once you cover them in the yellow paint, no one will know the difference.


10. Eggshell Frames

easter crafts for kids

Doesn’t it feel like such a waste taking all that time to color eggs and then just throwing away your artwork? Well, now you can preserve your beautiful dye-job by having your kids make frames out of broken eggshells! Once done, put a super cute Easter photo in the center.


11. Rabbit Ear Mask

easter crafts for kids

Let your kids play pretend with these Easter bunny masks. Knowing their ingenious minds, they will craft up some magical story about how the Easter bunny has come to live with your family. Good for them, because that kind of creativity will help them later in life!


12. Footprint Chick

easter crafts for kids

Not only does your child get to step in paint, but you get to have a memento of their footprint from their younger years. Make it a yearly tradition to see how your child’s foot grows every year. Just make sure to clean off the paint before they start running through the house!


13. Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

easter crafts for kids

Finally, a good use for all those extra toilet paper tubes you have been collecting! Let your kids run wild with this idea, and give them plenty of tools for adding embellishments, such as ribbon, bows, buttons, and string.


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