The 12 Absolute Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

posted on April 21, 2014 at 8:26 am

It’s almost that fabulous time of year for us mothers… our very own holiday! Mother’s Day should be a time when you are the one being pampered and taken care of, instead of the other way around. However, even when you specifically tell your family what you want during your special day, they still run a high likelihood of getting things wrong.

So why not try the opposite approach? Instead of telling them what you want, tell them what you don’t want. The following list of worst Mother’s Day gifts is something all gift-givers should avoid if they want to escape with their lives.


1. Cleaning Supplies

worst mother's day gifts

We clean all year. This is insulting. Can’t we have just one day off from our duties?


2. Laser Skin Treatment

worst mother's day gifts

A trip to the day spa is one thing. But a trip to any sort of skin care center? You’re basically telling the mom in your life that she looks old and saggy and only searing lasers and Botox can fix her. Not exactly the nicest of compliments.


3. Ugly Clothes

worst mother's day gifts

Women all have their own sense of style. Unless you know that they’d love it, probably don’t buy it.


4. Exercise Gadgets

worst mother's day gifts

You know what we mean… hand weights, that weird ab roller, a gym membership… If you think the mom in your life is fat, just come out and say it. Because these fitness-minded gifts will have her thinking it anyway.


5. “World’s Best Mom” Gifts

worst mother's day gifts

Let’s just be honest here – we probably aren’t the world’s greatest mom. Pretty sure that goes to Mary or Mother Theresa or some other power mom. Plus, this just shows you’re lazy and can’t come up with a unique gift on your own.


6. Tools

worst mother's day gifts

There might be some moms out there that love fixing things and doing handiwork, but for most of us, that is a foreign territory best dealt with by men. A better gift idea… just fix that leaky faucet for us!


7. Cash

worst mother's day gifts

Seriously, are we a 12 year old getting a birthday card from a distant, twice-removed cousin? No. We are your mother/wife. Think outside the box a little!


8. Kitchen Appliances

worst mother's day gifts

Again, unless we specifically request something like this, don’t buy it. Otherwise it makes you seem like a sexist fool who expects our lives to revolve around making you sandwiches. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad, but we certainly don’t want more kitchen stuff on our special day.


9. Sweatpants

worst mother's day gifts

That’s one thing a mom would love – to be reminded that she’s gaining weight and normal pants don’t fit her anymore. What a happy Mother’s Day that would be!


10. Self Help Books

worst mother's day gifts

If you think the mother in your life needs help, passive aggressively buying her a self-help book on her holiday is not the way to go about it.


11. Homemade Coupon Books

worst mother's day gifts

Wow, a free back rub! What a lucky gal I am. Sorry to break it to you, but this should be something you are willing to provide without the use of a one-time coupon. And it just shows you forgot to buy a real gift.


12. Vaginal Moisturizer

worst mother's day gifts

Whoa! What happens down there is really none of your business. That area is a personal place that a woman has to deal with on her own.

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