11 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day Without Visiting Mom

posted on April 23, 2014 at 12:08 am

As much as you might want to be there for your mom on Mother’s Day, sometimes it’s not always possible. Whether it’s time, work, finances, or kids, there are plenty of obstacles that prevent you from taking a road trip. However, that doesn’t mean your mom has to spend a dreary day all alone and forgotten. There are plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day without actually visiting mom. Any of these ideas will make her feel loved and get you off the hook for not being there in person.


1. Skype Date


Skype is an awesome video call service that lets you chat face-to-face with someone regardless of their location. You can have a one-on-one chat or even bring the whole family over to wave to Mom. It’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to actually being there with her.


2. Get Flowers Delivered


There are plenty of services out there that specialize in flower delivery. Create your own bouquet or basket with Mom’s favorite blossoms to get extra bonus points. Be sure to include a note with a heart-warming touch so she knows they are from you!


3. Watch A Movie Together and Talk About it Over the Phone

mother's day without mother

This may seem a little juvenile, but it’s actually quite fun. Choose a film you both love and know or a new film that will surprise and delight you both. Make sure you are synchronized when playing, or else someone will constantly be giving out spoilers! It will be a bonding moment.


4. Have a Surprise Gift Delivered Straight to Her

mother's day without visiting mom

Flowers are fun, but so cliche. Try ordering her something else that you know she would love. Plenty of online shops have the ability to deliver to a separate address with gift wrapping and a note. It might be hard to time the delivery exactly on Mother’s Day, but hopefully your mom will be too enthralled with her gift to notice.


5. Name a Star After Mom

mother's day without visiting

This is a super cute idea. Your mom will love that she has a place in the sky. You can get even more sappy and say that you’ll always think of her when you look up at night, but that might be slightly creepy. Regardless, she’ll also get a certificate that she can hang on her wall.


6. Order Her a Pizza

mother's day without mom

Nom nom nom! Why should your mother have to cook on Mother’s Day when pizza is so very tasty? Simply call the local pizza parlor or place an order online and have it delivered to her. Just make sure she isn’t planning a solitary Mother’s Day feast on her own, first.


7. Make a Blanket Together


This is such a fun idea! It’s easy to make crocheted granny squares. You can pick a few colors and your mom can pick a few colors. Then you can each start churning out the squares needed to make the afghan. Next time you see each other in person, all you have to do is stitch the squares together!


8. Donate to Her Favorite Charity


Your mom will love this thoughtful gesture! People say that children are the greatest gift, so what else could you possibly get her? This is pretty close. Helping others is a great way to reflect upon the goodness we have in our own lives.


9. Online Game Night

mother's day without mom

Since you can’t have an in person game night, why not try out your skills in an online gaming portal? You and mom can face off in an epic chess battle, or even join some other virtual players in a rousing Monopoly joust. The loser can buy the winner a drink next time you see each other.


10. Hire a Maid

mother's day without mom

Cleaning is an annoying chore that needs to be done, and it usually falls on Mom to get to it. Lift the burden of your mom by hiring her a maid for the day! Hopefully a maid can gets things in order so that your mom doesn’t have to tidy up for a few weeks.


11. Send Her a Photo Book or Scrapbook


Moms love reminiscing about days long past. By reminding her of when her children were still babies or when she got married or when her own mother still took care of her, she’ll get lost in a whirlpool of happy emotion. And maybe she’ll be too busy reflecting on happier times to remember how you weren’t there to see her!



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