10 Summer Wardrobe Upgrades Under $10

posted on May 13, 2014 at 11:41 am

Buying new clothes is super fun, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always fit into your budget. If you’re like many people in the world, you’ll find that your summer wardrobe doesn’t change much from year to year. You’re stuck with the same old clothes until they start getting holes in them.

We have a solution. Instead of worrying about buying new summer clothes, try simply buying some summer wardrobe upgrades. Belts, shoes, jewelry… all of these things can instantly make an old outfit pop and look fabulous again. Here are our top summer wardrobe upgrades for under $10.


1. Faux Leather Belt

summer wardrobe upgrades
forever21.com – $5.80

Belts can make or break an oufit. And this belt? It’s gonna make it. The old west feel gives fits with current trends. Revive an old dress or pair of shorts and help them look current.


2. Crystal Foot Jewelry

summer wardrobe upgrades
wrapwithus.com – $4.99

You’ll make yourself look like a mystical princess with this beaded foot jewelry! Instantly turn those shoes or bottom from BLAH to SEXY.


3. Beach Coverup Sarong

summer wardrobe upgrades
amazon.com – $7.99

A sarong is one of those essential wardrobe items you always need to have. It can be worn as a scarf, skirt, dress, halter top, and probably anything else you can think of. This sheer black makes a great accent piece to your existing clothes.


4. Floppy Straw Hat

summer wardrobe upgrades
mygofer.com – $5.59

The sun is deadly, but this hat can save your life and make you look smoking at the same time. Pair with a cute tank and shorts, and you’ll look totally ready for a day of sunlight.


5. Sleek Flip Flops

summer wardrobe upgrades
forever21.com – $8.80

Sometimes all you need to completely change an outfit is a new pair of shoes. These faux leather flip flops have sweet golden accents that keep them on trend.


6. Straw Tote Bag

summer wardrobe upgradesq
10dollarmall.com – $7.99

Straw is in this summer (like it is every summer), so live it up. This super cheap tote bag makes you look trendy and fashion forward. Plus the bamboo handles are lovely.


7. Lime Belt with Gold Accent

summer wardrobe upgrades
sourcingmap.com – $5.62

Try as you might, you cannot deny the power of neon. Give in to this vibrant lime green belt with beautiful golden flowers on the front.


8. Feather Palm Cuff Bracelet

summer wardrobe upgrades
aliexpress.com – $1.56

This bangle is an interesting new trend that is worn on your palm instead of your wrist. Cool, huh? We really like this antiqued-gold feather design as well.


9. Racerback Tank

summer wardrobe upgrades
forever21.com – $3.80

Having a nice array of well-fitting tank tops is essential come summer, as you can wear them on their own or pair them with other shirts. This great racerbank tank fits the bill perfectly.


10. Daisy Headwrap

summer wardrobe upgrades
forever21.com – $3.80

Headwraps are coming back in style, so be sure to snag one before they’re all gone. This cute daisy print is perfect for summertime!

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